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Three things… LMM

Thursday, January 10th, 2019


spend time and look forward to a woman that is those three things

the photo above is not her… but when it came on my dash on tumblr… it made my mind wander.

Plus two people that follow each other on tumblr makes you also wonder what they would be like…

Little Miss Madoc is special.  Words can’t describe how sweet Heidi is.  She is a wonderful mother to two young women who see her as a strong and independent woman.

I filled her ears in messages… maybe wrecked some sweater holes…  but in life you can’t make someone find you attractive the same way as your eyes are drawn to them.  You can’t make them want to be with you… no matter what I want in my mind.

I should have paid the 5 cents a while ago, but I’m happy we are friends.

I’m fine if my eyes follow her around the room anytime that I’m around her and look forward to hopefully getting together to catch up over lunch.  I appreciate the opportunity to volunteer and support her via her work at the hospice in Madoc.  She’s a special woman.



Making Love Through The Dance

Monday, November 26th, 2018

This dance is all about the embrace.  The Argentine Tango.  Stunning.  I fell in love with the song on the second time watching it.  I watched the video 5 times in the night and downloaded the song from OK GO.  It’s called Skycrapers.


It’s so sexy.


moments i love:

0:16 – the embrace + how she moves her arm around his back.

0:27 – sexy as hell.  legs.  dress.  bottom.

1:34 – how he spins her and walks in the circle to spin her.

1:44 – how she wraps her one leg between his

1:55 – this dress.  the pleats.  the dress.

2:57 – and then this dress.  the sides.  the back.  the split down the side.

3:12 – her arms up and back down behind him.  love the way she moves.

what’s wrong with me.  i need to get out more.  i also need to learn how to dance.

watching them walk backwards together is the closest thing to making love when dancing when you find someone with the perfect rhythm.


Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

Italy | Bucketlist | With Little Miss Italy?

Wednesday, January 10th, 2018


The Coast.

This is on my bucket-list for a while.  I connected with Jude from High School and floated out the idea that if we are single we need to go to Italy in 2019 which seems like 3 months from now.  She sent me a photo of her savings jar!  I don’t think it will happen in 2019 and I don’t think she will be single since she is a great woman.  I do call her LMI… which stands for Little Miss Italy and it was nice to connect and catch up after so many years after High School.

This post is not about her… but just the wonderful little section of Italy along the coast that I want to explore.

(Maybe it’s a little bit about her)

I will get there tho…

(i don’t think we said 2019… since that feels like months away… so let’s just say both single in 2022)

I can go there with myself or a Little Miss “Someone”



Love Stories | Chapter One: Bo

Thursday, November 23rd, 2017


The LoveStories project was initiated by Iman Whitfield (graduate project from Willem de Kooning), and created by Caroline Koning. After researching the online community of the LoveStories brand, this video series came to its existence. The video gives insight into a loving relationship from the point of view of ‘the boyfriend’. Little details, stupid things, and charming elements are the things why he’s in love with her, even when that means eating kebab, walking into metro gates, and acting out the same film scene every single day.

LoveStories – Chapter One, Bo from Caroline Koning on Vimeo.

Lie With Me: Live w/ Ry X

Saturday, October 7th, 2017


hands down.  ry x is the playlist that is just simply sexy as hell.

afternoons, evenings, candles, a shower, massage, nap, kissing, spooning.

with someone or just to let your mind wander.

stay healthy.







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