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Westfalia Campervan | Nomadic Home |Santa Barbara

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014


Living Small | Documentry | 46min

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

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Over on my “Living Tiny” blog is this short Doc.

WanderWith.Me | Roadtrip Across The World

Friday, May 9th, 2014

An overland odyssey, of dust, snow, and distant shorelines, capturing moments of life and landscapes, cameras, prime lenses, weathered journals and rain soaked musings, inspirations, lyrics and poetry. Head and heart given to the road, the mysterious and ever unfolding unknown.” WanderWith.Me”

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Hit the Tiny Blog for the full post.   What a great vehicle and way to explore the world.  Inspiring.

Having A Hard Time Between Two? (or 3) | Tiny Choices Are Big Choices

Friday, March 21st, 2014

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I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what type of tiny house I would like to build. I have three of them that I like. Two are similar and one is different. I’ve been in contact with all three builders and asked them for some ideas and answers to my questions. I’m in the process of thinking about which type of house would suit me for living alone, living with a girlfriend and also living with shared custody of my kids. I’m now trying to visualize using plans, pictures of the three on the interweb-thing and also on YouTube.  Some… I can find… some are limited.

Struggles: All three designs/plans are for sale. Of the three designs… some have video tours… some have photos inside and one of them that I really like… has no real photos online or videos. (waiting for a response from the builder to share info on other people that are in the process of building)

Here are my three designs I am considering:

Tiny House Number One: The Marie Colvin by Four Lights Tiny Houses (click here for the website)

1-1-Study-Plan-MarieColvin.pdf - Adobe Reader 05122013 34419 PM

1-Study-Plan-MarieColvin.pdf - Adobe Reader 05122013 34454 PM

Details: Website: Four Lights Houses | Designed by Jay Shafer | External Size: 10′ by 29 | Internal Size: 288 sq ft (not including sleeping loft) | Bedroom in the back w/ loft for the kids to sleep.  Front Nook could be an office | Great Room could have a lounge style couch w/ chaise |

Notes: Doing research online + emailed Jay to provide more details as well as any links of anyone building, blogging the Marie Colvin. I can’t find anyone building it so I can’t show images like the other two below. These plans were released a year ago. Info will be added here shortly.


Tiny House Number Two: “” Custom Built Tiny House

1-tinytackhouseDetails: | Andrew (builder) and wife live in this in the mountains with two kids that live part-time there. | Design inspiration: Modern + clean | Interior Size: 221 sq ft (not including two lofts) [ sleeping loft at top of the stairs & lounge loft/spare bed at the top of the ladder] | Loft space is 120 sq ft w/ main loft of 80 sq ft & 40 sq ft for 2nd loft | Exterior Dimensions are 8’6″ wide by 28’6″ long | Off Grid | Cost: 22k (not including appliances & cabinets) Cabinets & appliances you see in the photos made the final cost $33,082 built by himself |Designed using Google Sketch-up |


You can view a full tour of this tiny home below. Recommended to give you a great idea of what it might be like and it will make you think… could I live in one and be happy?




Tiny House Number Three:

1-outside1Details: Website: The Tiny Project | Exterior Size: 8′ by 20′ w/ 3 ft added w/ back porch | Interior Size: 140 sq ft | Designed by the owner & him and his girlfriend reside in California | Cost: 30k estimated | 10 windows w/ full glass doors for lots of light & passive solar gain | Full appliances w/ marine stove, on-demand hot water tank, compact washer/dryer combo | Currently plugged in via extension cord & water hose | Designed using Google Sketch-up |

1-tiny house3

1-tiny house2

My thoughts on the three above: The Marie Colvin is my first pick. I like the design but I want to see more images. The second home is different in the layout and I’m trying to get my head around the difference to see which one would be better. I like the full kitchen and the stairs up to a great size bedroom. The third one is my third pick and it’s a bit smaller. Just considering all three and trying to wrap my head around them and picture living there alone, with kids and maybe sharing time there with a girlfriend.

What’s your thoughts?

My ideas on living tiny: I want to find some property that I can rent on someone’s larger lot. Ideally somewhere on Taunton Road in Ajax just west of Westney Rd, where there is a 24hr. Goodlife Fitness, Grocery Store and other services. I would plug in to an existing building like a barn or workshop and be situated behind it facing out into the countryside or forest. It would have a water hook up and an on-demand hot water tank for showers/sink. I would want to make a tiny deck that could be designed in four pieces that can be removed if the house is relocated. I would like to have a simple outdoor kitchen with a quality all season BBQ that will allow me to cook more outside.

Live with Less and be happy will be my theme for 2014. My kids will love it. I’m sure they will call dibs on the loft bedroom.