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Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

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I recently got two TenTree products.  From the label you get a little code that you can register on the website and it will show you where your 10 trees will be planted.  They were on Dragon’s Den and from that exposure has made it a great new brand on the Canadian marketplace and now it’s starting to branch out world wide.  I have posted a long video below of them on Dragon’s Den as well as a pretty cool video that explains more behind the scenes look at the founders and the company with starting this venture.  It’s pretty cool and recommend.

It’s on my list of 101 Things To Do in 1001 days… so I need a total of 70 trees.  I presently have 30 trees with 3 things purchased.  Very easy goal.

Update:  30!  10 more trees in Madagascar with a new tshirt purchased 16Mar16

Ten trees can have an incredible impact on the ecosystems they plant in. All trees planted are local species, often times in some of the harshest regions.   They use “pioneer” species to ensure survival and often plant more than ten trees per item to guarantee ten trees SURVIVE for every item sold. They aim to plant in areas that have the greatest need.

Madagascar, where mangrove forests have been devastated, leaving locals with infertile farm land and completely wiping out thriving ecosystems.

Here is the first 20 that were planted in Madagascar from my first purchase.

1-My Trees' Impact - Tree Map tentree - Google Chrome 05112014 100657 AM

At tentree, manufacturing is one of the key areas where they pursue social equity and environmental sustainability. It is a widely held belief that the garment manufacturing industry is oppressive and irresponsible. Not only do they believe that we are capable of changing this; they believe that it is their responsibility to do so.  To make a broad sweeping statement that tentree will avoid all international production is to accept that there are issues that cannot be fixed. Instead, we work to change the apparel industry through transparency, dedication, and diligence.

1-nov tumblr 20141-004I think it’s a cool brand that I want to get the kids connected with.  You can’t have enough hoodies and T’s in your rotation.

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From the website you can get it at “Boathouse” locations at different malls and Sporting Life in Toronto carries the line.

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From the 2015 Fall Collection… these are the ones that have caught my eye below:

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Gus Brown Charity Golf Classic | Giving Back |

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

I was happy to be a part of the 20th Annual Gus Brown Charity Golf Tourney.  I was helping photograph the golfers and I was on the 11th hole with NHL Player Jay McClemment who is a super nice guy.  So down to earth and this season he will playing in Carolina.


I also asked on FB for a volunteer to help me for the day and I was delighted to have Saroya Tinker with me who is going into Grade 11 and she is a hardworking hockey player herself.  She is going into Grade 11 and she has already received some verbal offers from Division 1 schools in the States.  She is hoping to be on the Sr. Woman’s Canadian Hockey Team.

I’m looking forward to supporting the tourney for years to come.


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I got a selfie with the first woman golfer that came to my hole.  I found out after it was the Mayor of Whitby who is a sweet lady.  It was a nice Tourney and all the volunteers that make it all possible do a hell of a job.  Thank-you to my friend Carrie for inviting me.

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Excellent Idea | Should Be 70% Off Tho

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

tumblr_mcr3qjgHOk1r3s59vo1_500Loblaws are you listening…  There should be more of this where stores push this in lower income client friendly stores like NoFrills, Freshco and Food Basics.