New Year’s Fire In The Woods


One evening the kids and myself wanted to go into the forest beside where i live and explore the forest at night.  It gets dark early which is great and we ventured into Jackson’s Park here in Peterborough.  I gave them their camping knives and a headlamp and off we went.


We followed the creek to find a good little spot in the snow along the bank to build a fire using the fallen deadwood.


Up more along the creek we found a little place that is hidden.  We started to set up camp and we all had little tasks to do before the sun went down.  We would wait till darkness to start the fire and hopefully nobody would see us and call the “fuzz” and report us.


As the smaller sticks started to catch we wanted to add larger wood on top.  We should have brought some marshmallows for our trip into the woods.  After a while and some blowing on the coals to get it to go… we had a little fire we were proud of.


The fire cracked and flickered under some large trees we camped under.  We sat warm in the snow in our snow pants and the warm glow of the fire warmed our faces.  It was a sweet sweet moment in the still of a winter’s night in the forest the three of us.

We need to get out and explore more as a little triangle of 3


Eat Me Tuesday | Tazo Zen | Green Tea w/ Lemongrass + Spearmint


Instead of food… I wanted to post about some yummy tea.  Tazo Zen is a nice change to what I would think tea should be like.  I have been starting to drink different teas for about 2 years.  This one was introduced to me and I enjoy it.  I still have not been able to find the Tazo tea that I want to try… but this one is close.  I have been trying to drink a cup a day.  Still not there yet.

It’s Ok To Have A Cloudy Head | It’s Sometimes Hard To See Where You Are Going | Hard To Focus






Just get through today.  Just go day by day.  Just keep going forward.  There is no finish line.  Keep your head up and your heart strong.  I do that.  I have been humbled, dropped to my knees where it’s hard to get up.  I try and get up and I fall.  I fail.  I make mistakes.  I make many mistakes.  I forgive.  I try and forget.  I regret.  I try.  I have good days.  I have bad days.  I am thankful.  I appreciate things and people.  I’m excited for those who I have not met yet.  I am blessed.  I am human.  I am a man.  I am a good father.  I am not a good father.  I have ups.  I have downs.  I am judged incorrectly and others perceive impressions that are incorrect of me.

Day By Day…

I am thankful for many little things.  I know that.  My kids keep me going.

Day By Day…

New Year’s Day Hike | Warsaw Caves | Limestone Plain Trail | 4km

Had the opportunity to get back up north and go hiking on New Year’s Day.  Went to Warsaw Caves Conservation Area and hit the snow covered Limestone Plain Trail.  It was a nice walk with some music playing in my ears.  The trail is really nice.  I didn’t hit the caves, but plan to return with the kids in the summer and go caving with our headlamps.








This year… my goal is to go hiking more and get out and explore.

Hike In The Woods | Winter

I had the opportunity to take the dog for a walk in the countryside along a trail I went on in the fall.  It was nice to see it covered in snow.  The air was still, so it was great to see the dusting of snow fall from the branches as it caught the sunlight peaking through.











Really enjoyed the time in the woods.  I will hike more in 2013.  Can’t wait to get out more this winter in the Rouge Valley and some of the trails north of Durham.