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Last year… Kland on the west coast sent me a little package out of the blue from a cycling hat I posted on my tumblr.


I used to play ball in a cycling cap… which i need to fix so I can bring it out of retirement.  Klands cap was on me everytime I played ball last year.  The sun is out today and I’m starting to think the courts will be ready soon for some shooting drills to get the old man’s game back.

I was cleaning out my laptop and found the little “thank you” video from last year and wanted to post.  Your an awesome friend and looking forward to flying out to eat some of the wonderful stuff you instagram all the time!1-IMG_9876 1-tumblr_mr46n2yX5J1qeqfrto1_500

K-Land | West Coast Coffee + Life Lova


Big Up’s to k-land for sending me a cool book “Before I Die” by Candy Chang.  I have noticed on tumblr some posts about blackboard paint with people walking by walls and writing in what they want to do before they Die.  k-land is a super cool guy who connected with me on Tumblr and I’m glad he did.  We have skyped a bit (not enough) and I’m looking forward to connecting with him more and more.

One day… we will have lunch together.  I know this.  Thanks for the book…  you blow me away.

bike | get around | active

found a bike against a tree with a free sign.  knocked on the door of the home and asked if i could have it.  just needed a new bike tube for the tire.  it’s a great bike to get around.




I have gone for a couple of 2/3 hour rides.  Google maps says by bike from Peterborough to Ajax is 91km’s and would be approx 5 hours.

It’s Ok To Have A Cloudy Head | It’s Sometimes Hard To See Where You Are Going | Hard To Focus






Just get through today.  Just go day by day.  Just keep going forward.  There is no finish line.  Keep your head up and your heart strong.  I do that.  I have been humbled, dropped to my knees where it’s hard to get up.  I try and get up and I fall.  I fail.  I make mistakes.  I make many mistakes.  I forgive.  I try and forget.  I regret.  I try.  I have good days.  I have bad days.  I am thankful.  I appreciate things and people.  I’m excited for those who I have not met yet.  I am blessed.  I am human.  I am a man.  I am a good father.  I am not a good father.  I have ups.  I have downs.  I am judged incorrectly and others perceive impressions that are incorrect of me.

Day By Day…

I am thankful for many little things.  I know that.  My kids keep me going.

Day By Day…