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i found myself in the evenings on my way home pushing the button to play my instrumental beats… which i have now renamed “7PM Chillhop Slow Down + The Lovely Happiness“.

the mix above is slow beats that could be labelled that way as “calm” if they could.


i wanted to create more of a chillhop mix that is a bit more upbeat for when you have people over for a mix and mingle.

you can listen on spotify the mingle mix here.

if you want a mix to have a shower with someone you want to kiss… then below is the mix that works.

follow it on spotify so it’s in your collections of saved mixes.  you can find it here.

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You can find me on spotify here.  right now… i have a collection of different public playlists to help with keeping me in a mood or helping me get to a certain mood.  you always need help moving up or down in the mood department.

Spotify | Playlists | 7PM R&B Old School + Playful Kissing

You can find me here.


Downloading the MAC or WINDOWS desktop version is sweet.  Easy to listen to music when you are on the computer at home working and surfing.  Spotify is free.  Other blog posts with posts featuring some playlists can be found here.

Music is sexy and so is the vibe to this playlist.  Perfect for the evening in with someone or even by yourself since it’s nice to think about someone you can’t wait to see and kiss.  This mix has a little vintage feel to it and it goes well with a nice bottle of red and some scented candles.



Spotify Playlists | Moods

You can find me here on Spotify.

Downloading the MAC or WINDOWS desktop version is sweet.  Easy to listen to music when you are on the computer at home working and surfing.  Spotify is free.  Using Spotify for free will play some commercials every 30 min and you can only shuffle through music.  I used to hate the idea of paying monthly for something like Spotify… but it has opened up my eyes to music all the time and listening to anything.  The collection of music is mind boggling and you can listen to albums or playlists and you can design your own.  If you have music in your computer you can listen to all of that.  Also you can pick and choose what music you want on your device and the storage the music takes up is small since it condenses nicely.  So you basically have music all over the place.

If you search for my name or click the link above you can hunt through the public playlists I’ve created and I’m still creating and tweaking them.  If you click “follow” on any playlist you will then find it in your “playlists” folder to check it out some more.

Here is the introduction to some of my playlists that are public.  Some of the album art has changed and I’ve renamed some… but you will get the drift.

Above:  I created basic times since when I wake up I don’t want anything loud or too busy.  6AM is when I’m still in bed and want to just let my mind wander.  It could also be when you are the first one up and you pour yourself a coffee.  It’s also a nice night time playlist.  8AM is when you want the pace to pick up slightly.  It’s basically the songs in my tighter rotation that I just love.   10AM mix is when you are ready to talk to people.  😉

Below:  12PM is when you are ready to do some work or chores and it has great pace.  It’s what’s in my tight rotation.  Below you will also find my long Sunday Shuffle mix that is close to 40 hrs of music and also my long Alternative mis that I just shuffle in the background.



Below:  Sultry Evening Beats has a Hipity Hop feel with some other songs that just have a sultry evening feel to them.  If you wanted to mix a drink for a lady and you want a little urban chill vibe this is the mix for you.  Vol 2 is my songs that created a different vibe or just didn’t make the first cut.  Let’s Make Dinner Together is a great mix for just that.  This one is in order.  It just has a good quiet party of songs that have a good evening vibe when you are really focusing on each other and the background music is secondary.  Drinking wine as you go will make you feel confident and flirty.  Vol2 has songs that didn’t make the first cut and it’s still a solid mix.

Above:  Brooklyn Soul & Funk Summer BBQ Mix features lots of Brooklyn’s Menahan Street Band which is a little All Star band.  Has a vintage vibe to it and if you let it grow on you in the right situation… it’s a nice little mix.  Acid Jazz Seduction is another mix with a west coast vibe of mostly Greyboy.  It’s another chill vibe that is good for entertaining in the summer.  The Jazz Club is a Harvey Spector mix from Suits.  It features lots of Grant Green.  R&B Let’s Have Wine On The Couch is a romantic mix with John Legend, Raphael Saadiq, Ben L’Oncle and Aloe Balcc which is perfect for a couch, kissing, wine and a nice evening.

Below:  Southern Soul is a good little mix if you are in a Leon Bridges mood with some Sam Cooke and Nina Simone.  Retro Vintage BBQ Vibes is perfect for summer backyard party or tunes for the beach.  This one has a retro feel with all the songs that has a Nantucket/Cape Code feel.  Chillpop the Lazy Couch mix is lots of Oh Wonder with the bank and forth banter vibes.  Quiet Sunday mix I guess.  Lie With Me On a Bed in Italy is a sexy let’s go on a trip together mix to let your mind wander.  Lots of Alina Baraz and some Oh Wonder.  It’s a spin off my Sultry Evening Vibes listed above.

Above:  Lie With Me: Afternoon Couch is the 3hour lie on a couch mix with someone to nap and kiss them if you can’t sleep.  This mix is in order with hand selected songs.  Lie With Me: Nakedy Slow O’s is basically songs from RY X if you want to hold someone just like the thumbnail suggests.


More playlists will be created and these will be tweaked.  I have over 60 public playlists.  Sign up for Spotify.  It’s free and easy.  Free is cool.  I do the Family Plan and it gives me 5 peeps to share it with.  So my Daughter, Son, my Dad and some others use it.


Spotify | Let’s Have Drinks | The 7PM Collection | Cottage | Summer Evenings


Here is some playlists that have some beats, chillout vibes for summer drinks at the cottage, back deck in the daytime or the evening.

Introducing the 7PM Collection of Mixes from dance, chillout, chillpop, R&B, Soul, Sultry Beats/Hip Hop and quiet Indie.  You can visit my profile here scroll down to the full 7PM Collection here.

Summaluva’s Evening In The6 is perfect mix to uplift your spirits, crack some drinks and play when some people arrive.  It can be your gym mix or a mix to walk the dog to.

You can also play Summaluva’s BSides and you can find it here.

70’s + 80’s inspired evening of Funk + Soul can be found in the mix below: