Beme | The New Social? | Love The Angle + Wish Everyone I Liked Was On It

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Watch the short video above and open your mind about how you and others post…

What I like about Beme is that you just shoot and you can’t edit or preview and check to see if you like that “look” before you post.  You also just share without concentrating on your phone.

I like Facebook but I miss just the true stuff you see about people like the personal pictures.  It’s all about sharing funny videos and quotes and news articles.  With many pages on FB just want “shares” to gain “reach” I’m getting less and less real status updates and real pictures from friends since there a math calculation on what Facebook feels you should see and from who.

Right now… I’m the only one on Beme that I know of… and I’m just starting to use it.  It’s just little 4 seconds and you can download the clips later to your camera roll on your phone so it will help me get little footage for my One Second Everyday Project.

I would love key people in my life to use it and I could catch up with what’s up in their world easily.   I think Beme will take off but I don’t think the world is ready yet.  I wanted to get my username locked in.  I like the “honest” sharing it offers with little glimpses that are documented.

My username is “jsdoit” and you should download the app (Android is coming soon) and follow me and start posting some Beme’s.  I would like to play around with this app.

The video by Casey above was done when it launched… so since then the app has had some tweaks to make it better.

Why not get in on “the new social” and start trying it.

If you have Beme on your phone and you are reading this…  click here to follow me:


Just Because People Post Happy Pictures Does Not Mean They Are Happy


Hopefully you watch the video below and understand that what you see on social media from people does not mean they are “living the life”.  Just because you see them with someone or enjoying the moment… you don’t really know how they truly are.  People’s personal lives are mostly private and people only share some intimate details about their life with people in their “inner circle”.

Yes people post thoughts, photos and videos on social media like blogs, tumblr and facebook.  But what they don’t show or can’t show in just one video or picture is the complete story and give you a full understanding of the meaning behind the picture and the context.

People can’t sit on their couch day in and day out and stare at the lives of others and really know what’s going on.  They sit and judge a person and form an opinion of what the truth is or what it is projected to be.

It drives me nuts when people have assumptions and think they are a “know it all” about someone life when all they see is selected moments or things that are documented online.

I like to document things on social media.  Doesn’t mean you know what is really going on in my life… what I’m thinking or what I’m planning on doing next.

Don’t judge me if you don’t know me or your not me.  Everyone has a personal life that is private.  Your either in someone’s inner circle or your not.  Don’t take what people post as the complete truth.

Uses Instagram To Help Pop The Question | Strangers Helping Strangers

With butterflies in his stomach, Carter Moore asked her to coffee. Casual coffee, of course, just so they could get to know each other. No pressure or expectations. Just a friendly meetup.

Granted, she was beautiful: “The most gorgeous woman I’d ever seen,” he remembers. For now, he just wanted to get to know her, even if it came with the unshakeable nervousness that swept through his body whenever she smiled in his direction.

Three years later, butterflies still aplenty, they’re married and living in Colorado Springs, Colo. Moore, 24, is a social media strategist at VSCO, and Brookelynn Howe, 22, is a nursing student at the University of Colorado.

Moore proposed to Howe last December outside of Portland, Ore., with the help of people he’d met through Instagram.

The entire ordeal — the location of the proposal, the couch they crashed on, the surprise engagement party the night after Howe said “yes” — was assisted by a group of Portland-based strangers Moore reached out to through the photo-sharing social network. Moore planned the whole thing; they helped make sure it went smoothly.

Now, two months after the wedding, the bride and groom have remained close friends with the folks Moore first met via Instagram, then in Oregon.



Image: Carter Moore

Neither had ever been to Portland, but they’d always wanted to visit. Something about the Pacific Northwest, with its cliff-lined coasts and tall redwood forests, called to them: “

Everything about it just seemed magical and romantic,” Moore says.

After they’d been dating for two years, he wanted to pop the question. Moore knew the Oregon coast would be the perfect place to propose. The only problem, he realized, was that he didn’t know anything about the area — but the people he followed on Instagram did.

He was working as a freelance photographer at the time, usually for weddings, and had become active in posting photos to his Instagram account. He didn’t have many followers at first, but he eagerly followed anyone he found inspiring, most of whom ended up being, appropriately, Oregon-based residents who posted scenic photos of the area’s landscape.

One photographer, Branden Harvey, had included his phone number on his profile page. So, out of the blue, Moore called him.


Image: Carter Moore

“He was so organized about this trip. I gave him as much advice as I could,” Harvey says. “I explained to him what the Oregon coast is like near where he wanted to get down on one knee. I gave him a list of awesome restaurants in Portland. I got to hear his story of how he met Brooke and why he wanted to marry her. It was beautiful.”

Unbeknownst to Moore, Harvey and his friends planned a congratulations party for the two once they arrived. A shindig thrown for strangers, by strangers.


Howe was on a holiday break from school when the time came. She thought she and Moore were going upstate Colorado for a weekend getaway, but when she met him at the airport, he surprised her with two tickets to Portland.


Image: Carter Moore

Everything went according to plan. They rented a car and drove down the Oregon coast, talking about their past two years together, and ended up at Cannon Beach. They walked along the shoreline and eventually climbed to the top of a cliff. There, Moore asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. They sat hand-in-hand and watched the sun set into the ocean, then drove back to Portland to have dinner.

When they got back to Harvey’s friend’s house, where they were staying, they were greeted with balloons, champagne and shouts of

“Surprise!” and “Congratulations!” — all from a room full of people they’d never met before.

“Carter loved Brooke enough to call a complete stranger and ask for a favor. I love that,” Harvey says. “When I see people striving to live life boldly with excellence, I can’t help but say yes to being a part of helping.”

Harvey and his friends, being professional photographers and filmmakers, put together this video of the evening:

CARTER AND BROOKE // THE ENGAGEMENT from Colin Cabalka on Vimeo.


Moore didn’t expect anyone to hear his story. In fact, Harvey says, his new friends had to coax him for permission just to put the above video online. Moore’s humility and love for Howe is what inspired Harvey to get involved in the first place: “All of us knew this was done lovingly for Brooke, and Brooke alone,” he says.

All of them from that weekend and, specifically, that party, have kept in touch over the past year. Moore says it’s a win-win.

“It was out of a place of love and adoration for my wife that I wanted to do this,” he says. “And I’m honored those people — strangers I reached out to through a social network — helped and got to be a part of something so special to us.”

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Do You IFTTT? | If This Then That…


A new friend in LA asked me what IFTTT is.  I find it hard to explain.

What do I use IFTTT for?  Here is some recipes in my channels:

– I can select certain people on instragram so when they add a picture… I get a email that has the picture inside to view.   Since I follow many people on instagram… I can never miss a shot from key people.  Like my daughter.

– If I “like” something on tumblr… it will automatically go in a folder in my Evernote account.

– In Game News on the Blue Jays is automatically emailed to me from ESPN.  3rd, 6th and 9th inning updates on the score.

– All Buzzfeed topics on Food & Drink and Sports is emailed to me…. so I can open only what looks interesting instead of checking Buzzfeed.

– If I send a email to IFTTT that is in my contacts… my phone will ring about 2 min’s later with a fake call so I can excuse myself from something.

– Set up reminders that are weekly and daily so it generates a email that I can keep in my inbox till completed and simply not dismiss a pop-up and forget to do it.

– I set up through the Weather Network to email me the day before it’s scheduled to rain and snow.  Saves me from looking at the weather.

– Every photo that my daughter posts on Instagram gets saved in a folder in my Evernote.

– Every photo I upload to Facebook, Status Update will automatically go to my Evernote.

– Every blog post I write gets saved to my Evernote account from blogger and WordPress that covers all my blogs.

– Every photo that I take on Instagram gets saved inside my Dropbox.  Every photo I take with my phone gets in general gets sent to my Dropbox.

– Every video that I “like” on Vimeo or click “Watch Later” gets sent to my Evernote account.

– Every video that I click “watch later” gets added to my Evernote Account.

– Every post I put on my main Tumblr… get’s sent to my Evernote Account for back-up.


I have many other tasks set up so when things happen online… it will feed other things or send alerts via email/text.  Play around with it and as the service develops… it will get better and better.


94 People Following Me on Pinterest | No Idea Who Follows jsdoiTEREST | A Look Back At A Year of Pictures, Moments, Thoughts, Music, Food + Movies


I’m not even on Pinterest.  Here is a look back at the year on my own Pinterest.  The images, the food, the music, the movies and the little moments captured through a crappy camera on the iPod or Android…

I use Tumblr to document some thoughts and images and I mix it in with posts that I like for different reasons to bookmark things in my life as well as what’s going on in the world.  You can find my main Tumblr here.

Below is a summary of my year on Tumblr.

I would recommend watching it in HD.  You can click that at the bottom.  It might make you watch it on vimeo in HD.  That’s cool.  It’s the same video.

Gone Hiking!  See you in 2013!