Trip To Nova Scotia | July 2016


Such a fun trip to take the kids down to Nova Scotia for a week and visit with family and explore a bit of the South Shore.  Created a little video made up of little quick video clips shot with my cracked iPod and brought into iMovie to make a little keepsake of the trip.  I will add some more images into this blog post shortly.

One Second Everyday | Flying Out + Touching Down In The South Shore | November 2015 OSE Videos


OSE Everyday | November 2015 | Flying Out + Touching Down On the South Shore from Makeit Count on Vimeo.

Used my flight benefits to fly down to spend some time with my Father in Nova Scotia.  This short film covers my first couple of days from flying down on Air Canada to heading down towards Yarmouth and doing a little exploring around to catch up with family and visit the ocean.

song credits:  Oh Wonder | All We Do &  Novo Amor | Anchor

Film Length: 10min

Date covered: October 31st – November 3rd, 2015

OSE November 2015 Part II – Video 18 from Makeit Count on Vimeo.

The second video covers a couple more days in Nova Scotia visiting with some relatives and a little tour of my Dad’s workshop at the farmhouse and up until flying back to Ontario.  Song credits: Passenger with “House On A Hill” and Ben Howard with “The Wolves”

Going forward for the rest of November will be a shorter film that covers the month.  I’m going to see how this evolving project goes forward with the structure.

You can view all the videos here.

Part 3

One Second Everyday | November 2015 Part III | Video 19 from Dan Deveau on Vimeo.

Third video covers flying back from Nova Scotia and basically just working for the month to close it off with a couple of sweet moments.

Nova Scotia | The Return Of The OSE Video


After a break of 3 months… I’m going to start recording my little OSE video project again starting Nov 1st.  I’ve been upset at my ex wife and I’ve made a little short doc about her and where things stand.  I’m upset that she has blocked me from contacting the kids.  In the Summer after our sweet week away camping… I had a week planned to fly the kids down to Nova Scotia.  For some reason after returning the kids camping the contact back from Karen stopped.  She refused to let me speak with the kids on the phone and refused them to contact me.  I’ve tried and tried to contact them.  Since I could not make plans to take the kids down east and buy plane tickets… I was forced to move my vacation which is now scheduled next week when the kids are in school.  (sucks)


Starting tomorrow… I’ll start recording a little bit of video everyday.  Flying down to Nova Scotia and hopefully when I get back I’m allowed to see and talk to the kids so I can give Chantal her new phone.

1-a october tumblr-003

November video will feature a track from Novo Amor which will be sweet.