11 of 101 Things To Do: Visit Montreal & Attend A Formula 1 Race

Netflix came out with a Docu-Series called “Drive To Survive” shown above with the trailer that covers the 2019 season. I’ve never really been a fan… but watching this it makes you want to go check out an F1 race. The tour comes to Montreal, which would be a fun place to get away for a long weekend.

F1 Track in Montreal

In 2023, the weekend for Montreal is in the middle of June. My son has exams the next week based on his high school schedule. Something to think about is if we can make it work. Austin, Texas could be an idea in October??? Buggers… 2024 is out due to the PCT with Chantal… and 2025 could be a possibility if we use our van and start the trip off in Montreal and backtrack to Ottawa and then down to the States. That could work. Let’s try and make it happen in 2023 first.

I had no idea that my long-time GF got married to someone on the RedBull Team, so hopefully, I get to bump into her in Montreal and catch up with her 😉

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The Franklin Electric | Sweet Indie Band From Montreal


Last Feb a cool little indie band from Montreal opened for Ben Howard at Massey Hall and the crowd loved them. They were so happy that they had a chance to fill in at the last minute and support Ben and the band. They were a little imitated from the larger Massey but settled in.

As soon as I got home… I downloaded songs from them and checked them out on YouTube.  Below are my faves for different reasons…

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