In Progress: 1 of 101 Things To Do in 1001 Days | 100 Loans By Me + 1,000 Loans By Others Invited By Me


As of the beginning of 2022, I have funded 43 loans that totals $1,075.00 to people who use Kiva in 21 of 75 countries Kiva exists.  I’ve been a member since January of 2012.

I’ve invited people to try Kiva and also I help fund money into my kids Kiva accounts for them to lend out.  As of the beginning of 2020, the people that I invited to try Kiva have made 176 loans to people.   My friend Kirk in California is kicking ass since he represents a little over 100 loans himself.  That’s awesome.  So I’m going to put more of my money into Kiva and also get more people into it.

So my goal is to fund 100 loans myself and have the people I invite into Kiva… I want them to total 1,000 loans!

Step 1: Watch the Video to see what is Kiva.

Step 2: Click the link and try and do a little $25 loan to someone to see how it works..

Why I Use Kiva & You Should Join Me Also from Dan Deveau on Vimeo.

Best Travel Credit Card: Stack Mastercard + Koho Visa Card

When planning my trip to Europe, I wanted to save on financial transaction costs and get a fair conversion rate on exchanging into Euro’s and Swiss Franc.  When I did my research for which credit cards are the best for travel, the Stack Mastercard came up in the results.  I poked around some more and found another card called the KOHO Visa Card.  Both had an app, so I signed up for the two free cards.  My Daughter also signed up for them to use for all our purchases on our trip.


Here is the information on both cards below. (open to view)

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Previous 101 List Completed | Stocks Go Up + Stocks Go Down

On my list of 101 things to do in 1001 days  I completed #1 on my list:  Open an investment trading account where I can trade stocks and transfer in my current investments over into one plan.

I opened an account with TD Waterhouse near the start of 2012 and I opened a TFSA account.  I made four purchases into Research in Motion, Under Armour, Fusion IO and First Solar to start off with then General Motors.  I’m a Nike guy… but Under Armour is doing great things with professional athletes and they are moving into the women’s market next year.  RIM has gotten the crap kicked out of them and it’s nice to buy something on “sale”.  Things will better for RIM in 2012 with the neat stuff they want to deliver in 2nd Quarter of 2012.  Fusion IO is a really cool company with it’s Memory Platform has brought some of the biggest companies to it’s door step to use it’s technology to run their servers and handle incredible amounts of data.  First Solar was purchased from it’s position in the marketplace.  This Arizona company makes thin solar film.  They recently opened a huge plant in Germany and have it running at capacity to meet the demand from European countries looking to find alternative energy sources.

Little update for fun:  Returns are from Dec 21st, 2011 to March 12th, 2014:

General Motors up 73%

First Solar up 68%

Fusion IO down 38%

Under Armour up 216%  (wild and they are still growing… )

Research In Motion down 26%

Previous 101 List Completed | Smart Way to Cha-Ching

#63 Completed | Get a credit card with a points/reward system that works for my life. 



I got a RBC Virtual Visa Debit card that is connected to my bank account that allows me to make purchases where Visa is accepted and the money comes out of my bank account instead of credit.  My goal was to get a rewards card…but so far… I have not found one that I really want that makes the most “cents” to get.

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I like the fact that I got rid of my credit card and basically live off what I have.  Live simple.