The Franklin Electric | Sweet Indie Band From Montreal


Last Feb a cool little indie band from Montreal opened for Ben Howard at Massey Hall and the crowd loved them. They were so happy that they had a chance to fill in at the last minute and support Ben and the band. They were a little imitated from the larger Massey but settled in.

As soon as I got home… I downloaded songs from them and checked them out on YouTube.  Below are my faves for different reasons…

They are on my list of 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days for “30 Artists To See Live over the 1001 days

The Rural Alberta Advantage Live at Massey Hall | Peterborough Folk Festival


At the Peterborough Folk Festival last night… the closing artist was The Rural Alberta Advantage.  I went up to the stage in front of the speakers and just loved the energy and vibe of these three.  Loved the the drummer being close and I just watched him whale on them.

I downloaded 8 songs and just loved this video from YouTube from Massey Hall since all the songs I downloaded are from this video and I just ripped the audio from the video and can’t wait till I need a little “pick me up” on any day.  After watching them live… I know am hooked.  Can’t wait to buy a ticket to the next show in Toronto.

Below is a tiny bit of video.  Being in front of the speakers the sound I heard did not pick up on the iPod so I just tried to line up some audio from the Massey Hall and did my best to sync it.  You get the drift.  Check them out live and you will be hooked too.

The Rural Alberta Advantage from Makeit Count on Vimeo.

Dan Mangan + Blacksmith | Mouthpiece


After Dan’s success he got married and had a baby and took some time off and re-branded the band.  I’ve downloaded about 5 songs off his new album.  Love little indie Canadian talent.  Here is a little song that has a bit of piss and vinegar in it.

Let’s Get Out Of Here | Road Trip | Musak Mixtape | Download



Everyone loves the Summer and getting in the car and just taking off.  This mixtape has more “Rock” tones in it and songs that are upbeat in vibe as well as a perfect match for camping.  Japandroids, Silversun Pickups, Metric, Mumford, Arkells, Wintersleep and Dan Mangan.


You can download the album above right here

This one was remixed in 2015 and if you have the old one… I would delete it from your iTunes and download this version.  Everyone needs a little rock now and then.  Perfect mix for a long drive in the countryside in the summer or up Hwy 400.  It’s 2 hours and 55 minutes of songs.


Above is a mixtape that I’m waiting to add some more songs that have a retro summer feel to them.  It will be released later this spring.  The songs I’m considering is listed on the album cover.  I’m still previewing the mixtape to see if these songs should stick on the final copy.

1-tumblr 2015 short term

If you want more songs for a roadtrip… I would recommend the “Sunday Afternoon Mix” which is a upbeat playlist that you can shuffle.

You can download the Sunday Afternoon Mix right here.

Song | Your Missing Me Now | Michou

tumblr_n6gscyFfMR1sxv4ono1_500A new group that I am kind of excited about is a cool one from Windsor, Ontario.  Called Michou.  I noticed this video that caught my eye… and I’ve always wondered… what came first?  The Chicken or the Egg?

I hope everyone has a good day.  If you are looking for a nice song to pick you up… or make you smile when watching a video… you can watch “Growing Younger” from them below…