Wonderland Is Upon Us | Great Day

Love going to Wonderland as a kid.  Wanting to walk fast in between each ride.  I see this in my kids.  I hear my little man squeak “I see the mountain!” when we are going up the 400.  I did the same thing as a kid.  I was excited walking up to the front gate… to standing in front of the mountain for a picture to walking out when it’s dark.

We are going today.  Hopefully can squeeze one more trip in before the season ends.  Passes next year for sure again.  Last time we went… little man loved the swing above.  He loves to fly.  He loves to get out his little daredevil and have fun.

I love seeing them happy.  Yesterday was fun with them.  Tomorrow will also be fun.  Great 3 day weekend thanks to a PA Day.  God love the teachers!

Embrace the day people!  (skeets)

They Play So Well With Each Other

Such a great little team…

They get along so well.  Chantal comes down to his level to play.  They have had to work together and entertain themselves. They have a great little bond and there is times that they do need a little bit of space apart… but overall I love watching them get along and Chantal has been a little mother figure to him.

The Red Wall

(images from the “red wall portraits” from a couple of years ago that was in our dining room on Millington.  I had to pay her for every photograph so she would not do silly faces for me)