I Remember When You Were Zero | Happy Birthday To My Little Man!




This was the first picture I ever took of you 1:41 seconds after you were born.  I remember that morning.  What a beautiful morning it was.

You came out about 14 minutes after we left for the hospital.  I guess you could not wait to see us.

Chantal came to visit you in the Hospital on your very first day of being born.  She was so happy to see you and to meet you.  She wanted to take you home to play with you.

As soon as you came home… she wanted to watch TV with you.

We took you to Movenpick for dinner.  Chantal wanted to sit with you.

Happy Birthday Little Man!  You are Seven Years old today!  I love you with all my heart.  You are my little man and you are very special to me.  I can’t wait to watch you grow up as I have.  Your such a good boy and Daddy is very proud of you!

Your my little “Star Wars” buddy now.


Noah Is A Photographer | Bus Shots | Random Series

I was downloading pictures from my camera and came across a series of shots from Noah on my camera.  We were waiting for the bus to depart and head to race some cars.  Here is a couple he pulled off.  LOL I find it interesting to see things from his POV.  I will have to go out with him and walk around and we both can take some pictures together…

1-20131110-DSC_0141 1-20131110-DSC_0168 1-20131110-DSC_0169 1-20131110-DSC_0172


June 16th | Sunday | Kids

Words can’t express my thoughts on yesterday.  Trust me… you would not want to hear it.  Highlight of the day was a small pocket of time I could see my kids.  Getting something from Noah that I can keep forever and was the highlight to see both of them.  Hugs + smiles and the chance to hold them.


1-2013 noah fathers day


I think I’m the one on the right above.  😉

Funday Friday | Some People Really Need It


Message From Santa For Noah from Speed on Vimeo.


Every year Santa sends me two emails to my email address and I show the kids.  I just got two emails from him today.

They think it’s awesome and they are in awe when they hear their name… and see pictures of themselves.  I downloaded “Snagit” to record a video capture of it on the laptop.  (sneaky)  (message me with any questions on the video)

A little bit of Noah on JibJab below…

Noah Gangham Style from Speed on Vimeo.