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Below is my first video from my One Second Everyday Project: 

One Second Everyday – Video One – May 16 to October 12, 2014 from Makeit Count on Vimeo.

I started this project to document a little bit from each day. I’m looking forward to doing this daily for the rest of my life. Shortly… I will look at cutting the clips down to 1-2 seconds per day.

Right now… I’m having fun with the flexibility of using iMovie to create them instead of the “one second everyday” app. Some days just need a couple more seconds to document. 😉 More videos will be added on a monthly basis.



To view my YouTube Channel to see all the rest of the OSE Videos or any other videos I’ve published online click here.






Below are some other random videos I have posted on YouTube or Vimeo accounts:

Noah Be Happy from Speed on Vimeo.  Above is a little video I made for my little guy when I was cleaning up my computer and going through all the captured images of his lifetime.


Below is a little video that I made for my daughter for her birthday.  It’s just a mash-up of pictures when she moved into her teens.

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