Welcome! Quarterly Update

You can read my previous quarterly updates here.  (I’ll be more regular now going forward as of 2022)

well… i will try and update more on a quarterly basis and try and blog more and share.  also time to get going harder on my 101 things to do in a 1001 days.

Happy New Year! Am I late in typing that? ok from this point forward… no capital letters. How’s it going? is covid gone? restrictions are lifting so I’m guessing this summer will be fun. presently my life is shifting which is exciting. but before that… let’s talk about sadness. my dad passed this past nov. .. I keep wanting to call him and catch up with him. with his passing… he is (the photo collage above this… top left… from the left… my dad, my brother who passed when he was 36 and also my mom who passed before my dad a number of years ago. there is little me… and marg with “the look”. my dad’s estate is wrapping up over the next couple of months. marg thinks his house is hers since she said my dad said she can live there. in the process of moving the house to her and it’s starting to feel like a shit show. my two nieces blocked me. if my dad was alive… what would he say? what would my brother say? will see how it plays out. based on the first two months of the year… not good on that front. i have a little film to wrap up and publish.

ok, new year… new dreams. yes still thinking and planning the big hike. we had to move it to 2024 since my daughter told me incorrectly that she was in a 3-year program. so we are a little over 700 days away from a 6-month hike. the podcast that we created is picking up. we have interviewed guests and that has been fun.

kids are good. chantal is working lots and going out with friends. can’t believe she is 21 in march. noah is also good and just plugging through high school. harder semester for him right now and like any kids his age… there is socializing via online video games with his peeps. the mom is taking them to england to visit family so I’m excited for them to travel moe on a plane and see the world.

right now… i rent a basement from a friend which has been great for both of us. this summer my goal is to get a van to make a little camper van. not sure if it will be the one for our planned road trip in 2025 for a couple of months… but it might be just a stepping stone. with it… it opens up more camping and hiking with little road trips around Ontario. i created a side blog to document our trip. i will add content to it over the next month.

the spotify playlist game is still strong. it’s nice to create so many playlists for different moods for myself and share them with friends. so much great music out there.

down 30 pounds. let’s see what the next quarter brings

inspired by the 3rd viewing of Anthony bourdain’s doc called roadrunner that I made a little film about my desire in wanting to take the kids to vietnam and thailand. some of my dad’s house money will get invested into a trip to vietnam and thailand to show the kids the other side of the world. that trip was going to happen in 2020 after getting back from our 2019 trip to Europe… we had to go away again. so I’ll have to get the kids to invest in some stocks for that trip.

so need to work extra hard to help save for our 6-month hike, big road trip and then a trip to the other side of the world. so this summer will be a couple of patios… some cheap tuesday movies… some outdoor tennis and basketball, some hiking and camping… slow drinks on a patio… and some exploring trips into Toronto and some swimming. i need to sell my road bike and maybe get another… some midnight bike rides flying around streets in the summer are also fun.

thanks for reading. no idea who would. appreciate the grace with capital letters