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A Fistful Of Dollars: The Story of a Loan from Kieran Ball & Hollie Harrington on Vimeo.




Kiva is such a great concept that I have come across.  After learning about it more and how much of a impact it can  have on people around the world… I’m committed to telling people about it and hopefully inspiring them to empower people around the world with a $25 loan. 


I am blessed that everyday my eyes open.  I don’t have much and I am thankful for what is around me.  Not everyday is great.  But I am trying to be thankful each day and understand what I have, where others have a much more difficult time in life than I have.

Why I Use Kiva & You Should Join Me Also from Makeit Count on Vimeo.

If you know me… or don’t.  I would love it if you watch the video above to understand what Kiva does and how it works. The video shows a person who thought it would be good to set off first hand to discover what Kiva does and the people it helps.  I wanted to share it with you to hopefully inspire you to do something so little that can have a ongoing impact by re-lending that $25 repayment back to someone new.


Maybe you can show your kids and let them get involved with who you will help.  After watching the video… would love it if you connected on Kiva with me.  I’m pretty sure that through a wonderful donation that you can try Kiva for free and fund a $25 loan to someone to learn how it works.

My daughter is here and she picked a lady in Ecuador who needed $650 dollars to buy dresses, pants and blouses that she sells to help her family.  I used $25 from her Birthday present & Chantal picked went on the website and picked her.  Chantal’s loan is about halfway through being repaid to her.

My son is here and he picked a lady in Peru who needed $225 to buy two pigs to fatten that she would then sell at the Market to raise money for her family.  His loan was fully paid back already.  For my son’s birthday this December and Christmas… I will do part of his present to Kiva for him to make more loans and let him pick someone else to help.

Then when they both have at least $25 repaid back to them… they will start the process over again and re-loan the money to someone new.  They could have the money returned to them… but why not just keep the loop going!

We honestly can do this forever!  What a great thing.  I think it’s great to teach my kids this… and for them to know that they did something to help someone in the world that could be on the other side very far away.

If you could take a couple of moments to please watch the video that someone made to show his co-workers how it works when they donated money to someone instead of getting him a farewell present when he left the company he worked with.

If you want to check Kiva out and maybe just make a loan of $25 to help someone… then click on this link to check out Kiva.  I think you can do your first loan for free… so why not do one!



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