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Over the past little while… I have been slowly sorting songs in iTunes and creating playlists.  Playlists that set a mood or help me to slow down or pick up the pace in life.

Everyone needs some goodness that you can add into your iTunes.

Below is the Categories of Music along with clickable links to learn more about the albums and download them.  The links will point to the zipped folder in my Dropbox.  Then all you have to do is follow the instructions at the bottom and import into your iTunes and enjoy.  Instructions are at the bottom of this post about adding it into iTunes.



Here are the categories below:


1-My itunes album art6Getting Ready For Saturday Night:  This playlist is songs that make you happy and excited as you get ready to go out on a Saturday night.  You might listen to it getting dressed after a shower as you start thinking about the night ahead.  Just upbeat songs to explore.

Click Here to view the songs and download



1-My itunes album art9Weekend | Sunday Morning Series | Wake up + get the coffee going:  This playlist is songs that you would start when you wake up on a Sunday morning and make some eggs + bacon and some hot coffee to wake your ass up.  Slower songs that will not distract your thoughts of the night before.  Songs that you can play as you read a magazine or the weekend paper at the kitchen table.

There is more than 18 hours of music to shuffle once you download all the albums and add them to one giant playlist.

Click Here to view songs and download.



1-My itunes album art

Weekend | Sunday Afternoon Series | After Lunch:   This playlist is songs that you would start when you are finished with your shower and your ready to take on some house chores of laundry, cleaning up and all the crappy stuff we do around the house to make our lives sane.  The tempo of the songs pick up a bit compared to the Sunday morning mix and more “beats” are added.

Click Here to view the songs & download



1-All Tumblr 2012 to 20133

Weekend At The Gates Of Little Miss Sweetness & Weekend At Rattlebear Chillout Series:  This little mixtape is for a summer day or evening where you want some beats around the house.  Just a mix of tempo for hanging around the house with each other or even a group of people.  It matches the Getting Ready For Saturday Night Series.  Perfect for the summer at the cottage.

Click here to view the songs and download.


1-My itunes album art21-My itunes album art13All I Want Series:   This is a new series and it’s based on when someone misses someone or something goes wrong.  It’s songs that make you think, hope, dream and also reflect + remember as you think backwards.  Above are the Album Covers.

It has 85 songs that last 5 hours and 30 minutes on shuffle.

Click Here To View Songs & Download



Let’s Get Out Of Here | Summer Road-trip Series:  This playlist is songs that you could crank up loud and roll down the windows.  A faster mix of songs that after a while… you will singing away as you hit the open road.  There is two mixes.  One is more of a Muskoka Indie Rock Mix that is perfect for the summer drive and the other one is more of a East Coast Retro Mix that you would hear in The Hamptons in August along the east coast towards Martha’s Vineyard.   Map or no map… just drive.  Follow new roads that leads you anywhere.

Click here to view the songs and download.



French Mixtape:  With iTunes giving away a french song each week… I usually download them and then check them out.  Three songs moved me.  First one is from Les Souurs Boulay with the first song on this album with “Des Shooters De Fort Sur Ton Bras” which I love.  The song from Ariane Brunet and Brigitte also have made me want to make a little mixtape that I can put on low and simply love this beautiful language.  Have a open mind and explore.  That is what is great about music.  I hope you enjoy this different mixtape.

Click here to download the French Mix.



Download two Ben Howard “live” mixtapes here.


Instructions to download the mixtapes and bring them into your iTunes:

You can download the zipped folder onto your desktop.  Click the album cover to get to the dropbox screen where you can download the zipped file into your computer.

Open iTunes | select file | select add folder to your library and just point it to the saved folder. (you can only import songs when the folder is unzipped)  If you want… you can click into the zipped folder once it’s downloaded and find the folder of the songs inside and copy and paste into your “My Music” on your computer.

Once the folder has been imported you will see the songs in the list of music inside your iTunes. You can then sort it by “date added” and then add the songs to a playlist of yours or create a new one. It’s that easy. Simply delete any songs that drive you nuts.  Just give them a chance and they can really grow on you!

Message me if you have any problems.  dan(at)jsdoit

Remember to grab the songs in the series and add that to a “new” playlist so you can then shuffle them and find them easily.

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