In Progress | 35 of 101 | Knock My Movie WatchList Down to 300 Titles & Increase My Reviewed Movies To 700 / (Summary: My Watched & Rated Movies in 2022)

I’ve started rating my movies watched on IMDb since 2012 and I keep my watch list on the app as well.

As of October 2022… I have 492 movies on my Watch List. This morning I updated my watch list and added movies from my “HDToday” faves and now it’s ballooned up to 550 movies to watch!

The movies that I have watched & rated are 520 titles so far… So, therefore, I need to watch close to 300 movies in the next 500 days to meet my goal.

I’ve been using a website that has tons of movies to watch for free (It’s called “HDToday” and I’ve shared movies on FB only to have FB give me “strikes” for sharing an unethical website.

I wanted to highlight what I’ve watched… so I thought it was easier to take a screenshot on my iPad of the movies I’ve watched. It shows you how I rated each movie and the IMDb score of it. You will find a list of movies I’ve watched recently below.

Notes from the above movies if any: I’m a huge basketball fan so I loved watching NYC Point Guards since it brought back the late 80s and early 90s of watching NBA hoops. I also enjoyed Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul since I didn’t know the backstory of an NBA ref cheating in the game. Parasite was excellent for a foreign film and I enjoyed it on the wall in the bedroom with my little projector—a must-see. I wanted “Killing Of Two Lovers” to be better but I’m glad I watched it with “Lou” and “Where The Crawdads Sing“.

(Above) Winning Time from HBO was excellent. Even if you are not a hoops fan it was a great watch. I was disappointed with Hustle and thought I would enjoy it more. Typical ball movie. Shutter Island was excellent along with Before Midnight… which I fell in love with it and felt the scene at the dinner table…. I was there as a fly on the wall at dinner with them. A gummy helped along with that being projected on the wall as I watched. Actually looking at the 8 movies above. All are good and should be watched.

(Above) The Tony Hawk Doc was wild with the route he took in life. The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty was perfect for a romantic like me that loves adventure and has not done that in the first half of life. Licorice Pizza really hit me and gave that a 10! The Worst Person In The World really fell into my vibe and I gave that a 9. Please hold is a must-see short and was an incredibly short ride!

Here are the movies I rated going backwards… for 2021, 2020, 2019 and 2018

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