InProgress: 5/101 List: Watch Every Episode of CNN’s Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain In Order Every Weekend.

I fell in love with Anthony’s work and thoughts on food, travel, people and society. Raw and honest. I think it would be fun to watch all 12 seasons of his most recent work on CNN. Since I have not had cable for a while… I have not watched any. (I did watch a couple after he passed). I think it would be fun to document every show after I watch it and watch all of them from Parts Unknown. After that… maybe do “No Reservations” that was made before that.

I’ve added it to my list of 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days.

Open below for my notes on each episode. Starting to watch Oct22.

Completed 3/8 from Season 1

How I will watch them? YouTube if they are available and HDToday (dot) TV has them and all 12 seasons. I use this website to watch all movies and TV shows that are free to stream (the link is a blogpost on my blog). I use Google Chrome and I have a popup blocker so I have no issues with this website.

S1 EP01 – Myanmar – Anthony and his crew explore the beautiful and legendary area of Myanmar in Asia to indulge in the local cuisines of a country that had been, until recently, off-limits to outsiders. (Released: Apr 2013) (Found on YouTube here)

Watched: 15OCT22

My notes: Scheduled to watch / Since I’m planning a trip to Thailand, Vietnam and other places to consider on a longer trip in 2026. I wonder if I would go to Myanmar (formerly Burma). I know nothing about this country. I probably won’t travel due to the politically motivated violence and civil unrest. I also would be worried about detention from law enforcement. I wish it was different. (Map) The Episode: Filmed in 2013, I’m sure the country has changed with many things. The food looked yummy. The Ferris Wheels of Death was crazy after the 17 min mark. The temples look incredible and wild there are over 4,000 of them. Great first show and more interested in places I might have a chance to visit one day.

S1 EP02 – Koreatown, Los Angeles – Tony takes a different side of Los Angeles, not the ritzy, high-class Beverly Hills/ Hollywood side, but the three-square-mile area known as Koreatown, where he finds a closely woven community still feeling the impact of the 1992 Rodney King riots. (Apr 2013)

My notes: Could not help myself to watch this on the Thursday before the weekend. Really enjoyed this episode where Tony meets David Choe and takes a different approach to LA with Koreatown where they are still feeling the 1992 Rodney King Riots and how Koreatown rose from the ashes after being burnt to the ground. I’ve saved the dumpling place in my Google Maps and now I want to try Jollibee lol. Koreatown is a 3-mile area inside LA. That Bangledesh restaurant also looks really neat to try. Roy Coi and his Kogi Trucks are a must to try. An excellent show featuring Latino, Mexican and Asian cultures in modern LA.

S1 EP03 – Columbia – Tony explores the country from the mountains down to the Caribbean coast to the coca leaf growing inlands that were formerly controlled by drug cartels as the public face of Colombia changes for the better.

My Notes: I don’t think I will visit Columbia in this lifetime. The people look kind and proud to show off the country and the culture and food. I would go… but it would be great to have someone on the ground to take me around.

Next Week v v v v v v

S1 EP04 – Canada – The two funniest and most brilliant chef/restaurateurs in Canada take us across Canada by rail. (Aired May 5, 2013)

My Notes:

S1 EP05 – Morocco (Tangier)

S1 EP06 – Libya

S1 EP07 – Peru

S1 EP08 – Congo

S1 EP09 –

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