Two Nights At Silent Lake Provincial Park

Booked a trip up to Silent Lake and picked the walk-in campsites again… which I really enjoy since each campsite does not have a car beside it and no cars drive by now and then. Only could find one night so booked camp spot 76 which I liked. The kids and I had that site back in 2014. A couple of days before, we booked site 69 in the other walk-in campsite, where Heidi and myself stayed there last summer to go for a hike. So the next day we had to move spots so we carried the empty tent and put it on top of the car and drove it to the other parking lot and right to our site.

Both sites are within walking distance of the beach. Site 69 is right behind the main beach which was nice. We swam both days and hung out at the beach. The swimming at Silent Lake is always excellent.

We made cooking easy. Night one was steaks on the fire with some onions and mushrooms and some egg & potato salad. Basted the steak in garlic butter which was lovely. So Yummy!

The next day was simple with some sandwiches on croissants and we roasted sausages over the fire on night two. The hammock with the bug net was a hit. Also, there were not really any bugs at Silent Lake which was refreshing.

Really need to get up to Silent Lake 3 times per summer. Can’t beat swimming there. It was nice to have the new beach blanket as well as the camping bins with some new stuff to try out.

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