Beach Industries Tombstone Toolbox

In 1949, Russ Beach started a company in Smiths Falls, Ontario making metal toolboxes.  He began with only 12 employees but by the 1980’s Beach Industries Limited had become Canada’s largest metal box manufacturer, with 200 employees and sales of over $20 million.  Beach toolboxes found their way into the catalogues of Canadian Tire, Sears and Eaton’s and from there into workshops all over the country.  The company made more than toolboxes:  their offerings included various kinds of metal boxes.

In 1987, Mr. Beach turned 77 and sold his company to Stanley Tools, the Connecticut tool giant, which lost no time in taking down the Beach Industries Sign which had stood at the plant entrance for almost 40 years.

Now I own one 😉

I’m going to fix three dents in mine. I’m going to use it as a big junk drawer.

When you open it up… it opens up to the underneath compartment. This basically replaces the top drawer of my dresser and also what would be on and inside my bedside table. It’s a mishmash of old sentimental items.

Some of my Dad’s luggage tags and patches. Some special rocks, wrist cheapy bracelets, an old wedding ring, my extra bike lock key and my grandma and my mom’s old sewing thimble.
An inspirational beaver from LMI, and my grandpa’s old pocket knife along with some smaller pocketknife.

Below is it opened up fully.

From Left to Right: sunglass chums, fountain pen in a box, my older iPod touch with my passport on top. Down below in the red is my voodoo with my tape measure, our camping lego men of my daughter and myself, and a black box with old business cards and old plastic cards. Down below is my travel and personal journals and a whack of stuff. I’ll snap some photos of some items and provide a little story on some.

I’ll do a deeper dive at some of the things inside this goofy treasure chest soon…

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