I Interviewed Two Parents Hiking The PCT with 3 Small Kids!

Wow… I had the chance to interview Marketa and David Daley from California who is hiking northbound on the Pacific Crest Trail and they are approaching the 500-mile mark with their 3 kids. Sequoia is almost 5 and her two brothers are Joshua who is 3(1/2) and then little Standa who is almost 2 who Marketa carries in her Osprey carrier on her back.

It’s a long episode. I also interviewed her sister and her dad. What they are doing is crazy awesome. So so so difficult just the logistics with carrying everything and then food and water. The kids can’t really carry anything so they have found it really difficult dealing with the desert section that runs the first 700 miles. After that is the Sierra Nevada and that’s a whole different ballgame.

Marketa is on Instagram and since starting the PCT her followers have gone from 200-300 peeps to almost 9,000 people. Here photos of the kids are incredible and her write-ups are detailed on the pain and struggle.

You have to follow them on IG here.

What I did for the podcast episode is I got a friend to record the first 39 days of write up’s from Marketa. Cara that I worked with at Lufthansa helped me. I asked a friend in San Diego if she could record a 10 min walk with the wind blowing. I added the background sound to all of Cara’s commentary and then I took all the interview content and broke it into little segments to add in between all the daily recaps.

I’m really happy with how it turned out. I think if someone knows their story from following… this episode is a wild run showing that the impossible can be possible and listening to it is lots of ups and downs.

You can listen here at this link. Just pick Apple, Spotify, Google or free on different platforms.

I’m excited for the opportunity to record again with them.

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