Euro2019 Trip | Leg Four | Off To Lisbon, Portugal

Since we didn’t know if we would make the flights to Lisbon, we decided to book once we hit the ground in Portugal.  Upon landing, we booked the Lisbon Chillout Hostel (shown above) & grabbed a Uber and checked in close to 2AM. Great price and the breakfast the next morning was great in the self-serve kitchen shown above.  We decided to walk downhill towards the water and check out the Rue Augusta that is lined with shops and patios.  This pedestrian friendly road leads you down to the water and into Praca do Comercio square, which is where we headed to sample the city and let the kids get their sense of direction.

I also wanted to take them on top of on a hill to get a good view of the city at sunset.  Miradouro da Senhora do Monte is an excellent place for this. (shown below) Bring a blanket and a bottle of wine and some food and sit and hang out with the locals also doing the same.  It’s best lookout since you can see the castle, city, river and the bridge in the background.


The next day we moved over to The New Hub Lisbon Hostel, which I booked in advance using HostelWorld.  Excellent place with great amenities and excellent location.  They even have a ball pit room.  I had the top bunk, so after two pitchers of Sangria… it was hard to climb the wooden ladder to get into bed.

In the video above you will see us take a Tuk Tuk, which is also recommended after you negotiate a great price.  We also tour the city on the famous Tram 28 that takes you east across the city towards Belem.  We loved this tram and it was included in our 24hr city metro pass that is good on the subway, buses, tram and also ferry if you add that extension to the ticket.  Advice for the Tram is go early in the morning to make sure you get a seat with a open window.

A great place to eat is the TimeOut Market shown below with so many food vendors surrounding the many tables that allows you to taste many little yummy things.  It’s down by the water and easy to get to from the city square by the river.





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