Song Of The Quarter | Ry X with “Berlin” | 2016 | Q4


Yes I know I’ve posted this song.  I was to post a song on September 1st of what I’ve been listening to the most or what song best represents the quarter and it’s this song.  I’ve been listening to Ry X’s performance from France that is about a hour long on my rides to and from work.  This song always makes my mind smile.  Many wonderful memories to this song.

I’m glad I moved to quarterly songs from yearly songs at the start of 2015.

This song has been on repeat and it’s taken me 20 days to finalized this selection.  It’s a song for the quiet morning and it’s a song for the still in the night.  It’s a song to lie with someone and it’s a song to kiss them all over to.


I find it completely sexy in so many ways.  I’m not going to post the lyrics below since I don’t want to wreck what is inside my head.  Ry X is coming to Toronto 😉

Below is the video and at a certain point the video changes the mood of the song.

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