Ivan + Alyosha | The Fold | My Song Of The Year 2013


Today the band releases the official video for the song “The Fold”.  Incredible song.  For me… this is the song of the year.  I have said that to many people.  This song is the song for 2013 for my life.  Last year was a song from Ben Howard called “The Fear”.

The video was shot using footage shot on the tour they just came home from.  They also wanted to show the time and impact with being away from their family.

Watching the little boy in the video is killing me inside.

All the years that you have wasted
Now you want ’em all back
Long ago you stopped counting
Because you couldn’t keep track

You were faced with a future
That was bright as the Sun
But the pressure, it was melting,
You decided to run, run away

Which direction does the wind blow
In the valley there below?
And brother, how should I know
The way that you should go?

There’s a dream on the horizon
That’s calling out your name
‘Better go and find your reason
‘Better find your claim to fame

Don’t you fold
When the mountain is high,
When the river is wide
Don’t you fold
When you’re out of your mind,
When you’re walking the line

An oasis in the desert
Where the waters run clear
And the only way to see it
Is to believe that it’s there

Well, we always fight our battles
No matter where you came
So, be done with your excuses;
You’re the only one to blame


And all this time,
I was living a lie
I was lost and petrified,
But I know that things
Could change in time
All the years dreams can buy
Between the heart and the mind


Don’t you fold
Don’t you fold


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