Ben Howard Who? Sorry… Never Heard Of Him


Yes another post about Ben Howard.  We know… we know.  Two musical artists have never moved me so much as Passenger  and Ben Howard.  I think Ben Howard is my all time fave.  I want to tell the world about him.  I want everyone to soak him in and let him grow on you.  Everyone that I ask… has never heard of him.  A few people close to me have learned more about him and have listened to his songs and he has grown on them.

He is simply incredible.  It’s so hard to explain.

I was new to iTunes and I wanted to build my music library and really turn to Music.  Oct 31st, 2011… was the day I found out we were going our separate ways with the relationship with my wife…  I created a task on my first 101 Things to do in a 1001 days to purchase $100 of music on iTunes from artists I’ve never heard of.   (my 101 list, which is now updated with a new 101 things to complete)

So on, November 18th, 2011 I downloaded 4 Ben Howard songs:  Only Love, Keep Your Head Up, Further Away and The Fear from the album “Every Kingdom”.  I rated them a 5/5 and they played in my tight rotation.  Only Love & KYHU was my faves.

September 25th, of 2012… I downloaded: Old Pine, The Wolves, Everything, Black Flies, Gracious and Promise.  I can remember listening to them and thinking WTF… why did I not download these songs from Ben in the beginning????  Why did I not like them?  I honestly could not figure it out.   It opened me up to more feelings with different songs.  Everything, Gracious and Promise are more deep and more powerful.

Right before Christmas… the Album was re-released as a deluxe edition that included the Burgh Island EP as well as about 5 more songs… I could not go wrong and I purchased the entire album.  I think there is something like 22 songs on that album you can get on iTunes.  Some of those songs I purchased on December 23rd of 2012… I rated them as a 2/5 did not get played that much.  At that time… when I listened to Diamonds and Bones… it hit me again.  Why did I not buy those songs the year before?  Diamonds is incredible and Bones is up there also.  LOL… what was wrong with me and my ears?

I discovered over some more time that some of the songs I rated a 2/5 were pretty great also and bumped them up to a 4 or 5.  Basically… his songs are very slow and deep with meaning and power and he also has some more uplifting songs that get you going.  Basically for me.  I enjoy every song from the entire album.  Not one of them bothers me.  I’ve also gone backwards and found other songs that were not officially released and ripped the audio from YouTube.  Many of these songs are on my mixtapes in the Sunday Morning and Sunday Afternoon series.

(Above:  Introduction to Ben Howard I found on vimeo)

Ben Live:  I had the opportunity to see him play at The Sound Academy in 2012 in Toronto and loved it.  That was my first real concert I have ever attended.  I then discovered that there was some more people in Toronto that knew who he was 😉  Then the summer after that in 2013… I had the chance to see him this summer at Echo Beach at the last minute and it blew my mind because of listening to him so much over the past year and a half.  That concert was so good and such a beautiful night.  Alison was there in the pen which was so funny and I have no idea if she found my “happy to be in front of Ben face” in the crowd.  I have posted so much Ben on my Tumblr and this blog it’s crazy.  I even made a mixtape leading up to the concert and ripped the audio from YouTube videos and that played in my ears about 3 weeks before the concert.

The morning after the concert…. I played that mixtape on my iPod and such a huge smile was plastered on my face.  it sounded just like the night before.

I find it unique his voice is on certain songs at different points.  Even how he breathes to give a certain sound into his songs.  Fuck.  I could go on and on about him… India and Chris.  Don’t get me started about India Bourne, who is my GF.

Watching full concerts on YouTube was also really interesting… and I’ve discovered how to download YouTube videos onto my computer so if I want to watch him whenever I want… I can.  Love how he adds to songs when he plays them live.  Takes 5min songs and makes them 7-9 minutes  with large guitar riffs at the end when the songs are wrapping up.  So songs like “The Fear” live is so much different than the recorded version.

Ben Howard to me is like therapy.  He really is.  His songs make me think, remember, miss, love, want to love, have hope and keep going.  I feel bad if your still reading this.  But if you are.  You must buy his album.  I can give you 10 songs to focus on first.  Learn them and let them grow into you.  Then I’ll give you more songs to listen to.  If anyone wants Ben… message me and I’ll send you a link to a folder on my dropbox for you to download and import into iTunes.

Lady India Bourne is a sweet and stunning woman who makes me smile and it’s neat that it started off with them first.  Ben asked her if she wanted to go on tour and try and make a “go” of it.  They added the Bond Brothers who left the group in 2015.  Chris produced the albums and played drums and bass.  Ben picked up some other artists when he felt that they should be playing some bigger shows after the success of Every Kingdom and his two Britt Awards.


I was lucky to have gone to his third concert in Toronto at the beginning of 2015 with Little Miss Sweetness at Massey Hall.  If you skip along in the video below to the 1:44 mark you will see the clip from my OSE video for Feb 2015 with the concert.

One Second Everyday | Video Six | Feb 2015 from Makeit Count on Vimeo.




It was simply beautiful night.  On our way to our seats… we bumped into Bear and Chris Bond sneaking up at the top deck of Massey Hall to stand and check out the venue and the opening act.  This concert was such a wonderful night for so many reasons.

Here is some links of things I’ve shared on the blog about Ben:

How he blows my mind when he uses his guitar like this

Download two mixtapes that I’ve made of Ben ripped from concerts

Song Of The Year Quarter Selection (June 1 2015) | Gracious

Song Of The Year Quarter Selection (March 31 2015) | Time Is Dancing

Song Of The Year 2012 | The Fear

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Support Ben below by purchasing his albums:

Ben Howard Every Kingdom Album (2012) – Download from iTunes

Ben Howard Burgh Island EP (2012) – Download from iTunes

Ben Howard I Forget Where We Were Album (2014) – Download from iTunes

Here is a couple of songs below:


love 😉

Ben was at the BBC Radio 1 and did a cover of Hideaway from Kiesza which after posting this post… I will look on Youtube at the song and figure out who Kiesza is. Man… I’m in love with Ben. Enjoy if you have passed Level One.

Holy shit. It’s a cover of a dance song from Kiesza. Can Ben cover all the songs out there and make them “Ben Like”???

Sweetness below:

The Fear below:

Old Pine below:

Deep Ben below with Esmerelda:

The Wolves below:

Lie in bed and kiss your woman to Ben:

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