In Progress: 1 of 101 Things To Do in 1001 Days | 100 Loans By Me + 1,000 Loans By Others Invited By Me


As of the beginning of 2022, I have funded 43 loans that totals $1,075.00 to people who use Kiva in 21 of 75 countries Kiva exists.  I’ve been a member since January of 2012.

I’ve invited people to try Kiva and also I help fund money into my kids Kiva accounts for them to lend out.  As of the beginning of 2020, the people that I invited to try Kiva have made 176 loans to people.   My friend Kirk in California is kicking ass since he represents a little over 100 loans himself.  That’s awesome.  So I’m going to put more of my money into Kiva and also get more people into it.

So my goal is to fund 100 loans myself and have the people I invite into Kiva… I want them to total 1,000 loans!

Step 1: Watch the Video to see what is Kiva.

Step 2: Click the link and try and do a little $25 loan to someone to see how it works..

Why I Use Kiva & You Should Join Me Also from Dan Deveau on Vimeo.

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