Updating my 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days

Sorry for the limited updates over the past two years. Ok… it’s time to get things back on track. I’m in the process of updating my list. Making it expire before my 2024 thru-hike I plan to do with my daughter will last 6 months. Then after that… I can start a new list.

I have some entries that I need to think of still and add to my list. I need to blog more… so this list will allow me to make some blog posts of things I want to do and it will give me the opportunity to blog them after they are marked completed. I’m going to make this blog work better and help me to plan and document things.

They all don’t have to be epic. They can be simple. It simple as connecting with an old friend or a restaurant to try or a simple day trip somewhere that I’ve been meaning to get off my ass and explore.

You can view my list of 101 Things: HERE

You should make a list also. (just saying)

All you have to do is get some paper. I’m sure it will take you about 5 days with little pockets of time writing down things and ideas. Maybe you will think of 130 things. Maybe 90 and you will keep 11 spots open to add later.

TIP: Think of categories: Health, Family, Kids, Finding/Keeping Love, Money, Minimalism, Around the house, day trips, bigger trips, Food, Journaling, Gratitude, Work, Organization and pets. If you have some categories you can think of small things or big things and put them into categories.

If you make a list and want to share it. Please do! Message me and share it. You can set up a free WordPress blog by signing up and creating one and you can have your list there and you can blog about each one that you complete. It’s fun. It’s how this blog started in 2012 when I created my first list and started blogging to bookmark things on this quirky, silly blog.

Quarterly Updates Have Been Tardy: Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Am I late in typing that? ok from this point forward… no capital letters. How’s it going? is covid gone? restrictions are lifting so I’m guessing this summer will be fun. presently my life is shifting which is exciting. but before that… let’s talk about sadness. my dad passed this past nov. .. I keep wanting to call him and catch up with him. with his passing… he is (the photo collage above this… top left… from the left… my dad, my brother who passed when he was 36 and also my mom who passed before my dad a number of years ago. there is little me… and marg with “the look”. my dad’s estate is wrapping up over the next couple of months. marg thinks his house is hers since she said my dad said she can live there. in the process of moving the house to her and it’s starting to feel like a shit show. my two nieces blocked me. if my dad was alive… what would he say? what would my brother say? will see how it plays out. based on the first two months of the year… not good on that front. i have a little film to wrap up and publish.

ok, new year… new dreams. yes still thinking and planning the big hike. we had to move it to 2024 since my daughter told me incorrectly that she was in a 3-year program. so we are a little over 700 days away from a 6-month hike. the podcast that we created is picking up. we have interviewed guests and that has been fun.

kids are good. chantal is working lots and going out with friends. can’t believe she is 21 in march. noah is also good and just plugging through high school. harder semester for him right now and like any kids his age… there is socializing via online video games with his peeps. the mom is taking them to england to visit family so I’m excited for them to travel moe on a plane and see the world.

right now… i rent a basement from a friend which has been great for both of us. this summer my goal is to get a van to make a little camper van. not sure if it will be the one for our planned road trip in 2025 for a couple of months… but it might be just a stepping stone. with it… it opens up more camping and hiking with little road trips around Ontario. i created a side blog to document our trip. i will add content to it over the next month.

the spotify playlist game is still strong. it’s nice to create so many playlists for different moods for myself and share them with friends. so much great music out there.

down 30 pounds. let’s see what the next quarter brings

inspired by the 3rd viewing of Anthony bourdain’s doc called roadrunner that I made a little film about my desire in wanting to take the kids to vietnam and thailand. some of my dad’s house money will get invested into a trip to vietnam and thailand to show the kids the other side of the world. that trip was going to happen in 2020 after getting back from our 2019 trip to Europe… we had to go away again. so I’ll have to get the kids to invest in some stocks for that trip.

so need to work extra hard to help save for our 6-month hike, big road trip and then a trip to the other side of the world. so this summer will be a couple of patios… some cheap tuesday movies… some outdoor tennis and basketball, some hiking and camping… slow drinks on a patio… and some exploring trips into Toronto and some swimming. i need to sell my road bike and maybe get another… some midnight bike rides flying around streets in the summer are also fun.

thanks for reading. no idea who would. appreciate the grace with capital letters


First Quarter Update | 2020

Looking back… I didn’t do a good job of updating this blog with infrequent updates. the last one was the same time last year. The last 12 months have been a bit of a blur. 2020 for me has a focus on health in many aspects. This new year brought with it a new focus on meal planning and watching what I eat. I’ve been very happy with the first 3 months of 2020. I have to now step up my gym game. I’m basically up 17lbs from the same time last year. I will do a fitness blog post soon as we get into April.

Raptors are second in the east. So many injuries this year and it’s the next man up mentality and they have done so well. I have cable at home so this year is the first year in so many… that I can set the PVR and record games and watch them. The Bucks are crazy deep and is who is standing in the way of the Raps this year. The Playoffs start in less than 40 days. Kobe’s tragic accident with his Daughter hit hard. I never really followed Kobe, but with the outpouring on Twitter and the stories that came out of him and his drive is remarkable. It reminded me of the passing of Anthony Bourdain who passed away in June of 2018. Both of them touched so many people in person and virtually. With music, so many new tunes are flowing into my earbuds. My playlists on Spotify are reaching a little over 80 public playlists. I’m always dumping albums into a playlist to sort and decide if any songs deserve to go into a playlist. Since I’m always asking people what five artists would they listen to on a road trip across Canada… so I thought I would type mine out. I fell off the bandwagon of posing my songs of the quarter, so I thought I would list my song of the year for 2019. Banff Film Fest hit PTBO again, and I went for the third straight year.

A new laptop helps to work and organize things virtually. London Fog’s at Cork & Bean in PTBO is the drink of choice with Soy Chai Tea Lattes. My man-crush Roger is still working on the court. Can’t wait to see some Tennis this August in Toronto at YorkU. 8 years ago was the split of my marriage and I always enjoy the little reminders of living alone with my empty fridge above. A year ago at this time, I was boarding a flight for a business trip to Seeheim, Germany for a Conference and after that conference was a little side trip to Italy by myself to check it out and scope out the Amalfi Coast. My travel planner always has room for more adventures.

Jennifer (above) still is lovely. Currently single and working on me. I will be actively looking for someone sweet to spend time wth soon. Breakfast at Whistlestop is a nice treat. Ben Howard still is #1 and if you ever want a little concert at home to play… here you go. I wanted to plan a trip to Vietnam & Thailand this summer with the kids, but with the outbreak sweeping the world, it’s better to say away from any virus and probably push the trip to the following year. One trip that is creeping into my mind from watching some little docs on YouTube is completing the PCT (Pacific Coast Trail) and I think this would be a great goal for 3 years in time. Completing the trip would take about 4 months and would be an incredible trip to plan, train and complete. I’m sure Chantal would be up for it and not sure if Noah would be up for it since there is no Xbox on the trail. My new bike is itching to get out this spring.

I’m in the process of resetting my list of 101 Things in 1001 days. I fell asleep on this current version and a reset is needed. I’ll do that over the next two weeks.

I set up reminders to type like this on a quarterly basis. I can see this blog changing more to show my work with getting healthy. I want to vlog the process on a little bit of a regular basis since it’s a slow process. I miss making little films. Until the next time, I type… I hope you are well and catch up soon.

First Quarter Update | New Year

 in no order & no capital letters | work is fine… new job function + i enjoy it | will start vlogging again this quarter 😉 | spain was pushed from feb to later which sucks since it’s always fun to daydream about two things that are beautiful | really liked this little movie since i fell in love with rose byrne | time is running out to finish my 101 list in 1001 days | planning tattoo no.2 | new basement appt w/ two pillows | ginger is the better dog | recent flicks watched | teased the idea of california quick trip | tennis tour has started | kids have moved within thejax | i need more baths in the big tub | trying | this playlist makes me happy + want to move | new indie evening playlist to chill | sent summer vacation dates to the mom for two week trip to europe w/the kids… will this be the year? |  need to find a local place to volunteer | a short ride that never happened | apple cider vinegar in the morning is hard | forever | almost camping season | 1 year ago is another 1 year ago | photo from salvaleon de higuey makes you realize of what delicious things you had | the broken images in this blog will be the death of me | i never have nightmares so this was rare | going to miss jv + interested in the race for the east now | ben always brings me back to reflect on life | facebook purge + snooze for 30d is sweet | also quiet | sprinter van life would be sweet | new album by Ry X comin | g-cal time blocka 2get things done | finishing hbo the wire + halfway thru sea 4 | still evernoting everything + scanning w/ scannable | pushup’s are hard | fuck the bluejays | enjoying new artists like caamp, jessie marchant, tallest man on earch, + wild rivers | tracking food + weight on loose it is eye opening and needed > let’s get at it | the fairmont is a fun place to stay | still can’t imagine they went to offsa + now volleyball season for her | she applied to trent + other schools | he just plays fortnight or whatever the fuck it’s called lol | book one complete of 6 | outdoor ball season is months away | walking on ice is scary when you are over 40 | rip tumblr but i’m happy little goodness still flows through on the dash that tortures me in a good way | free solo is a crazy film and everyone needs to see it on the big screen |  baniff film fest in ptbo is sweet + uplifting | selected for a conference in germany coming up in march which will be a blast | new moo cards | i finally enjoyed a full bottle of red one evening with myself (19 crimes alone, which should be a crime) | switched to tangerine since who needs fees | daughter is 18 in weeks from now | updating my estate plan | dogwalking4rent which is nice w/ tunes | breakfast at whistlestop is always nice |

past updates

Where did June + July Go?

it’s been a long time since i did my little quarterly update.  life has not been that fun.  it’s been work, sleep and… well… not that much.  why is the summer going way too fast?

my friend shelly has a nice deck and it’s nice to sit out but this summer the mosquitos have been brutal.  i’ve taken myself out to dinner now and then.  nothing wrong with going out alone for dinner or a quiet coffee downtown.  some shots above are from Tim’s cottage north of PTBO which is such a lovely retreat.  planning on spending some time next week at silent lake provincial park and hopefully some time at the cottage before the summer moves into fall.  such a beautiful lake for swimming and just relaxing up at Tim’s cottage…  more about that below on why silent lake and not europe with the kids.

everyone needs good coffee. and so happy I picked up a really great grinder and pour-over set for work or camping.  looking back a little…  casey in toronto for bufferfest was cool.  a little stealth camping to help with work has been nice.  a little ball in the spring and for some reason… i’m not in that great of shape which will change.  played a bit of tennis which has been nice.

did a little bit of shopping for a trip to europe with the kids and a second place last minute camping trip in Ontario.  also picked up some hammocks for camping and camping stealth… which leads into a trip with the kids to explore europe… which failed >  you can view this blog post for more context how this trip attempt #3 was turned down by my ex.  speaking about my ex she is planning a wedding for two weeks from now 😉  can’t be a real one since we are technically still separated… but this “i promise to..” wedding is happening and her dude is a normal nice guy that is nice with my kids so that makes me happy.

Chantal is enjoying the summer working at DQ for the hustle and Noah is in video game land.

love this new little band i found on spotify (Khruangbin)

me and my roomie will find a new place to live in sept and oct since the landlord is selling the house… so new beginnings for both of us.  change helps you i feel… so change is good.


yes what’s stopping me?  WTF.  Something has to change and change it will.  enough typing it or saying it.  in front of me is 302 to 232.  it’s all about tracking everything into my pie hole via the “Lose It” app on my phone/website and also being healthy by going to the gym for cardio, weights and yoga.  being in shape gives me a shot at being attractive to someone.

women are magical.  you should see my private tumblr… which you won’t 😉    who wouldn’t want to go away to italy or anywhere with someone.  life is full of beautiful souls and they keep me up at night wanting to kiss them all   look at my spotify playlists or my “crazy” tumblr and you will have an idea.

i crave many things.  simple is sweet to appreciate once you are in her presence.  she is 3 things.

work.  approaching 4 years in sept.  can feel a change in culture.  need to use my benefits more for little sneak away trips.  today… I was looking into Passenger tickets in LA for Nov 6th and the 3 hour train to San Diego along the coast the next day to see the Paper Kites and fly home with the thought of a sweet woman who can sneak away.  Lufty has turned 15 in YPQ and they held a little party and the company passed out some gifts for getting the fifth star from skytrax.  cool they are the only 5star airline in europe.


well… i will try and update more on a quarterly basis and try and blog more and share.  also time to get going harder on my 101 things to do in a 1001 days.

for a little bio on me… you can find it here.