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What’s not to love with the video below.  I hope my daughter gets to experience the bonding of a team in team sports as she grows.  The friendships and memories…


The CANWNT is awesome.  No words to describe the commitment to excellence that John has brought to the team.  Before the 2012 Summer Olympics in London they came in last place in the previous World Cup.  They came in 3rd and captured the bronze medal for Canada.  Since then they have kept working and bringing a higher level of play and work ethic.  Sinclair has scored 154 goals in over 200 caps.  Flemming is only 17 years old and in High School and Buchanan is 19 and is a strong player.  DMath and Zur are my faves. EM in goal is a rock.

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I’ve watched both games so far and the first one with my kids over drinks and it was great to watch them watch the entire game cheering on Canada.





My sweets is playing soccer this year.  The shoes I bought her are putting them in the back of the net which is kind of cool.  3 goals last week and she got 5 or 6 of her teams 8 goals in the first game.


Beat Ali At 3 Sets in Tennis + Join A Local Tennis Club

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 I played Ali Faroouqi at Tennis in the summer of 2012 and on my past 101 list… I have to play and beat him playing 3 sets.   We played 3 sets and I lost all 3 sets.  With time demands we have not had a rematch.  Always looking for people to play with.  I even purchased a new stick to hit the balls with.  I now own four raquets and balls and I’ve gone out and hit some balls and loosen up.

I’ve always had a love for Tennis and always wanted to join the Ajax Tennis Club.  I’ve also had this little plan that both my kids would have a love for the game and we could play till we are old.

I want to kick his skinny ass.

So this is on my present 101 list and it’s two fold.  One to sign up for a local Tennis Club somewhere and to also get out and play some new people and also set something with Ali in Whitby.

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Completed: Attend a Blue Jays Game with the kids.

I’ve wanted to take the kids out of school and sign them out and take them to a Blue Jay game.  I will do that in the future.  The first thing we had to do is attend a baseball game just the 3 of us.  We had a blast.  It was a hot day in the sun.  The next game we go to will be an evening game and we will get some closer seats.

Blue Jay Game With The Kids from Speed on Vimeo.

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Had great seats to the TFC Game and I knocked a thing off the list.


Sandra came across some tickets and asked me if I wanted to go at the last minute.  Who would say no to that.  A great night… great weather… and the seats were right by half a couple of rows from the grass.  TFC lost 2-1 to the Chicago Fire.  Two seats over was someone I worked with at Fid a while back.  It was great to see him and catch up.

I have to go back and bring C.  She would love it.  N could not go for a couple of years… since the language is a bit thick.