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1-Toronto Raptors Game2It was fun to go downtown with the kids to the Raptor game.  I have been with my Daughter twice before.  This would be Noah’s first game.  Anytime on the train is fun with the kids.


1-20140316-DSC_0077Portrait by Noah.

2-20140315-DSC_00301-Toronto Raptors Game3Dinner downtown.  I think this is every kids fave place.  Chantal has a thing for “Dad’s” Root Beer + Cream Soda.

1-Toronto Raptors Game4Before going into the ACC I had a chance to watch Noah try and sink as many shots in a minute and it was fun to watch them play head-to-head against each other on the virtual court.  I had to take over and lay a beat down on Chantal.

1-Toronto Raptors Game7-001

After we got inside the gates… the kids had a chance to meet some of the 20 members of the Dance Pak.  One member “Kalina” we didn’t get a chance to see.  She walked by and my Daughter noticed her.  We could not find her.  During the game… Noah called her my girlfriend and they both were picking her out when they noticed her throughout the stadium.  I think Noah and myself both have a crush on her.

Here you go Noah… here is this year’s Dance Pak:


1-Toronto Raptors Game5-001

1-Toronto Raptors Game6They lost the game but the kids had a good time.  After the game we went down by the floor and the kids took a shot on the basket.  Something I have not had a chance to do.  I’ve played in the practice court before… but never on the real court.  Can’t wait to bring them to another game.  For the Playoff’s… it would be great to go downtown and watch the game outside the ACC with all the fans.  Chantal was really into the game and we shared high-fives after each 3 pointer and we were raising both our arms when the ball was in the air.

They were dancing in the time-outs and trying to be on the big screen.  So funny to watch.  I shot a whack of video this weekend.

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