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Jay From Four Lights | Getting Away From Stuff

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

Tiny House from gotandem on Vimeo.

It’s really hard to get away from the “want of stuff” because stuff makes us happy, right? Well, maybe not. This is a story about a man who decided to be intentional about what he could live without.  This video is from GOTANDEM

Four Lights Tiny House Company | The Marie Colvin | I Think This Is The One For Me

Monday, May 12th, 2014


I think this is the one for me.  Just trying to do my final research on this plan.  I’m also speaking with the designer about some ideas as well as some questions about the plan.  This is the one that I see myself in.  288 sq ft.  It will have 4 separate sleeping areas.  My kids will love it.

It’s small… but I don’t need much.

1-marie colvin layout2I like the look of the front. It has a small porch by the door. I want a thick heavy door with character. I like the trim and a great window that looks like it would be in a English Cottage.

1-1-Study-Plan-MarieColvin.pdf - Adobe Reader 12052014 122225 PMLet’s do a little walk-through…

1-tiny-house-in-a-landscape1-1-Study-Plan-MarieColvin.pdf - Adobe Reader 12052014 122143 PM(Above) Looking out of that window would be a small workspace that would be my office.  I want to have a window by my desk.  Instead of the door by the closet I would have a sliding door that closes the room off.  This little room will have lots of hidden storage.  It’s not a big room so it might just be a “L” shaped desk with storage under and on top.  It would have a white board and in any open spaces on the wall would be selected personal Instagram photos as wallpaper.  It would be a combo of a “elegant man cave”.

1-tiny office-001


1-Study-Plan-MarieColvin.pdf - Adobe Reader 12052014 122135 PM.bmp

After coming inside through the front door your in the larger main purpose room.  There is a cut-out in the ceiling so height is not an issue.  I would like to raise the floor so that more storage options would be in the house.

Sort of like the floor below to give you an idea:

1-View-from-loft-Nelson-Tiny-Houses-V2-Tiny-Tour-001So you would step up into the great room.  The storage would be accessed like below:

1-Screen CapturesI could store camping gear, off season clothes, sporting equipment.  Things I don’t need everyday but I could get at when needed.

So the main room will be a gathering place to sit, entertain as well as a place to eat.  I am thinking simple.  An “L” shaped couch that would be along the top right wall and the right wall.  A “rolling” Coffee Table that the top can lift up for “dinner for one” or use with a laptop.  The Sofa below is too large in the reference picture… so a smaller one would be needed.  Just wanted to give you an idea.  It should be a sofa-bed.

1-marie colvin layout-001


Another option that I like is the Passo from Resource Furniture that would be the coffee table as well a Dining Table that is shown below:

Passo-4Second choice for a table that is incredible would be the Goliath Table that would be against the wall but could be pulled out to make a larger table for eating.  If it’s summer… I could bring the table onto the deck outside if needed.

On the left side of the Great room would be a pull down projector screen that could be pulled down so you could watch movies using the projector hanging from the ceiling.  Everyone on the sofa would be able to watch.  A laptop would be used to play DVD’s, Memory Sticks or streaming online media if I can get Wifi.

1-tiny living room1


1-Study-Plan-MarieColvin.pdf - Adobe Reader 12052014 122105 PM

Stepping down from the “Great Room” would be the kitchen that would run down the left side.  Instead of a swinging door on the bathroom would be a sliding door.  Then along the wall of the stairs to the loft would be a folding up butcher block table that would be for “Food Prep”.  (it would fold up since there would be storage shelves higher up the wall).

1-marie colvin layout3

This picture above is just to help visualize.   Since my layout is a bit different but I wanted to highlight that I would like a larger RV Fridge running on propane and use 2 portable induction cooktops.  Open shelves & rolling carts will help quick prep.  Convection Oven/Microwave for cooking.  I would also have a BBQ outside to use.

1-tiny-house-in-a-landscape-0041-marie colvin layout4Bathroom will be small.  The home will have a hot water tank for showers and the sinks.  The bathroom will be simple.  I will mostly have all my showers at the 24hr Goodlife Fitness Club… so I can also have a light daily workout.  Showers will be only for guests and my kids.  I’m going to go with the Dry Flush Toilet, which is awesome.


1-1-Study-Plan-MarieColvin.pdf - Adobe Reader 12052014 122105 PM

The lower bed would be where I would sleep.  It’s at the back of the home.  It’s a large bed.  I might raise the floor so that storage could be kept under the bed and accessed from the doorway in the kitchen.  Plywood with wheels could be used with rope handles to pull out bins underneath.

1-tiny-house-in-a-landscape-0061-Study-Plan-MarieColvin.pdf - Adobe Reader 12052014 122206 PM

This tiny house has two lofts with two staircases.  Noah & Chantal will each have their own bed for sleeping when they visit.  There will be a open hole in the upper floor for over-top the Great Room.

1-marie colvin layout5


Outdoors… I would like to make four squares that can connect to make a deck.  So it could be moved if my home has to move to a new location.

I need somewhere to sit outside along the side of the home with a foot path from the front step.  A place to BBQ or even bring out the dinning room table for a larger table.  I could put up a portable camping screened bug tent.  Have an outdoor fireplace and maybe even a little outdoor makeshift kitchen.

1-marie colvin layout6-001

Two good examples of low cost shade inspiration above.

Hell… why not add some more inspiration below and I had some money left over this would be my next project.


Now some weekend inspiration below  😉

If I can find the right place that is the perfect fit.  It would be nice to make an outdoor shower or shed to store my bike.  I vintage-airstream-tiny-house-with-deck-conversion-004-600x400don’t think the hot-tub will happen.  But you can never say never.

Comments & Questions are welcomed below…