Who Am I?


1-30-1-Ghost_Selfiethat’s a good question. my name is dan and I’m happy with a three letter name. i reside outside of toronto, canada. i grew up in ajax and now my life has pushed me a bit north of the city. i’m single and a little over two years ago… i have been reborn outside a 23 year old relationship that has given me two beautiful kids. my daughter is just entering her teens and my son will be following her footsteps in a couple of years.

1-1-a kids ptbo weekendbeing on my own has made my life a little blurry. as you can see below… i always have a smile on my face.


when moving on my own… i got rid of so many things. i lived lighter. i lived without cable television and it didn’t bother me. i started to loose weight and got rid of many of the clothes i used to wear. (i still have a ways to go) I looked at all the things I took with me and thought about what do i really need. yes i have two rubbermaid tubs with some keepsakes that it’s hard for me to part with.

life is a process + a journey.

i have many untold stories. i know what it’s like to go without things & get rid of things and live simple.

one of the most powerful things i have is my mind. i am so happy with my mind and my thoughts and outlook on life. it never fails me. never lets me down.

i am a positive person that is blessed and so thankful for everything that i have.

i am the type of person that is excited for today. excited for tomorrow.

1-kids tent3

i love being outside. i want my kids to love to explore, learn and discover the world around them + far away. i don’t want them to be stuck playing video games. i want them to have memories. i want them to be kids even as they grow into adults. i want to run, laugh, be silly.

i want to be bent over from trying to breathe since i’m laughing so hard and my eyes are watering.

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everyone needs friends + connections…


i am now starting my second life. i’m excited about it and scared. i feel that if i just scale back and live in something that i can own, pay off completely and reduce my monthly living expenses… i can have a bigger life with more money, time and freedom while supporting my kids.

i also think that living with less will give me more.

i will appreciate what i have and also have only the things i truly need in life. i would rather have more money to travel, explore and go on little mini adventures.

i would rather clean the house in 15 minutes and then go out somewhere with my kids and enjoy life.

i want to spend my time with four people. myself | my kids | my future love | my friends

i want to be more active. i would rather go to the gym each morning to lightly workout everyday, connect with news while doing so and shower/shave + get dressed and go to work or out for the day. i want to be healthy. i want to eat better. eat very simple foods.

i want to learn more about the environment and my footprint. i want to have the kids learn from me.

in my lifetime… i would like my kids to be able to tell people in the future that they have gone camping at every provincial park in ontario.

1-tumblr_m0l8rkNrk51qcck88o1_500I would love to find this above. don’t know if i will… but it will be fun to try.

1-tiny life2the kids are excited. dad lives in a clubhouse! lol how cool is that.

life can be simple.

i would rather have a couple of things i truly love than to have a house full of crap that i don’t use or touch.

i don’t need anything big to show off to people.

i just need to have something that is for me and my kids. I want to spend my time when i am away from my kids when they are with their mother with my friends and my future love. I miss having someone to connect with on a higher level. i miss someone to love and be loved back. don’t we all want that? i miss many things like that. i know it will come. it’s exciting to try and meet new people.

i have no idea if you know who i am… feel free to type me a email or call out to me. i’m not shy. hell… let’s meet up for coffee. have a question… just ask.

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