Wanderlust | Wanna Go On A Roadtrip? | West Coast Campervan Rentals


Visit  http://www.lostcampersusa.com/  and you will see what you can do when you fly into the West Coast and pick up something simple to explore and get lost and take the long way to get there.  You can stop at anything you want to stop at and you can find little gems to stay a while.

I’m always attracted to the West Coast.  A slow drive up the coast with lots of stops to see things, explore little shops and find a little place to have a nap in a hammock between two trees in the shade by the beach.  I think if you invest in a little camper van and use that money instead of the traditional hotel would be neat and great for the kids.  Add some gas and some little campsites and some food and you are set.






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