Time To Blog Again + Little Update


Going to start blogging again and post things that inspire me and bookmark things.  I’m going to backdate some posts to use 2015 so it builds more of the archive on things that I like to post and more inspiration posts will be current.  Since starting to plan building a tiny house I have used Evernote to capture thoughts and ideas that I think about and find on the web.  I’m now starting to organize and research pins I’ve collected and add items to my “must have” list in my design.

I have a couple of roadblocks that I’m dealing with.  Financial backing is one of them.  I’m in the process of possibly taking my ex to court to fight over my rights with access to my children.  No parent wants to spend money on Lawyers and court.  I want to build a tiny house to live in and enjoy life with less things and do the things that matter in life.

But on the one hand… I know that I need to sacrifice to move forward and I also have to get out of my comfort zone and make changes in my life.  I’m considering on doing some sort of hybrid crowd funding to get the project started.  One of my main goals right now is finalize the type that I’m going to build.  See for the longest time… I’ve wanted to build a Marie Colvin Tiny House from FourLights… but I can’t find anyone building one.  So maybe I should open my mind to other designs since there is so many to look at on the internet and YouTube.

Ok back to blogging and adding content to this blog and also document the journey to plan and build a tiny house for myself.  No idea if anyone will follow along and that’s cool.  This blog is just a journal anyways that I can also use to bookmark things along the way.

Cheers!     Dan



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