Less Stuff + More Sex

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I would rather have less things, less stress and a better relationship in a Tiny House with the woman that I’m with.  More time to relax and get tangled together.  Less cleaning and more kissing on the couch.  One thing that I think about is being with someone in a Tiny House.  Can’t fit two people in the shower.  Privacy and limited space.

A super healthy relationship is a must in my life.  Life is too short!  When you have less space you need to communicate better and that’s key.  I think a woman might think it’s fun to visit a Tiny House but you would need to find the right person to live in one.  Sometimes having adult sleepovers might be the key and she can spend time in the Tiny House and I could also spend time with her at her place.  That way… it might be easier to find that healthy balance.

All I know is the title of this post is important to me and my life.  I want to find someone that thinks the same way.

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