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Photographs by: Mikaela Hamilton

This feature focuses on a recipe many people call ‘the hobo meal’

1-campfire dinner

things you’ll need:


-peppers, onions, mushrooms, potatoes, smoked sausage (and really any other vegetable you’d like)

-aluminum foil

-olive oil, salt, pepper, crushed red pepper, garlic

-knives + forks

01-'how-to' moakler-20 13-5instructions:

first, get a great fire going- the more coals the better.

then chop all of the vegetables + sausage & place on aluminum foil.  drizzle with oil + seasonings to taste.

bunch aluminum foil up into a big ball (I typically wrap an extra layer around the aluminum so nothing leaks out)

lay in the fire & let cook for around 15 minutes, depending on how hot your fire is (often I’ll rotate it halfway through to make sure everything is cooking fairly evenly)

1-campfire dinner102-'how-to' moakler-3407-'how-to' moakler-101

while you’re waiting for that to cook, keep warm with some coffee + bourbon cream.

14-411-'how-to' moakler-15806-'how-to' moakler-96after 15 minutes or so, take it out of the fire, add a few more seasonings, & eat your heart out.

05-'how-to' moakler-92


s’mores, duh.  but why not get a little crazy & add a Reese’s?

things you’ll need:

– graham crackers, chocolate, Reese’s, marshmellows

– skewers

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I think it’s important to get outside with someone that you care about and explore.  Simple things.  A hike or a walk in a forest and why not pack a little lunch.  In this example… just packing some things in a car and visit a Provincial Park and day-camp and hang out for the day would be nice.  It’s easy to pack a cooler with some goodies to cook up.  Bring some cooked chicken in marinade and throw that in a another pouch.

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