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Less Stuff + More Sex

Sunday, May 1st, 2016

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I would rather have less things, less stress and a better relationship in a Tiny House with the woman that I’m with.  More time to relax and get tangled together.  Less cleaning and more kissing on the couch.  One thing that I think about is being with someone in a Tiny House.  Can’t fit two people in the shower.  Privacy and limited space.

A super healthy relationship is a must in my life.  Life is too short!  When you have less space you need to communicate better and that’s key.  I think a woman might think it’s fun to visit a Tiny House but you would need to find the right person to live in one.  Sometimes having adult sleepovers might be the key and she can spend time in the Tiny House and I could also spend time with her at her place.  That way… it might be easier to find that healthy balance.

All I know is the title of this post is important to me and my life.  I want to find someone that thinks the same way.

How To | Campfire Dinner | Date-Day

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

Photographs by: Mikaela Hamilton

This feature focuses on a recipe many people call ‘the hobo meal’

1-campfire dinner

things you’ll need:


-peppers, onions, mushrooms, potatoes, smoked sausage (and really any other vegetable you’d like)

-aluminum foil

-olive oil, salt, pepper, crushed red pepper, garlic

-knives + forks

01-'how-to' moakler-20 13-5instructions:

first, get a great fire going- the more coals the better.

then chop all of the vegetables + sausage & place on aluminum foil.  drizzle with oil + seasonings to taste.

bunch aluminum foil up into a big ball (I typically wrap an extra layer around the aluminum so nothing leaks out)

lay in the fire & let cook for around 15 minutes, depending on how hot your fire is (often I’ll rotate it halfway through to make sure everything is cooking fairly evenly)

1-campfire dinner102-'how-to' moakler-3407-'how-to' moakler-101

while you’re waiting for that to cook, keep warm with some coffee + bourbon cream.

14-411-'how-to' moakler-15806-'how-to' moakler-96after 15 minutes or so, take it out of the fire, add a few more seasonings, & eat your heart out.

05-'how-to' moakler-92


s’mores, duh.  but why not get a little crazy & add a Reese’s?

things you’ll need:

– graham crackers, chocolate, Reese’s, marshmellows

– skewers

04-'how-to' moakler-83 08-'how-to' moakler-143 09-'how-to' moakler-14710-'how-to' moakler-14812-'how-to' moakler-159

I think it’s important to get outside with someone that you care about and explore.  Simple things.  A hike or a walk in a forest and why not pack a little lunch.  In this example… just packing some things in a car and visit a Provincial Park and day-camp and hang out for the day would be nice.  It’s easy to pack a cooler with some goodies to cook up.  Bring some cooked chicken in marinade and throw that in a another pouch.

Simple Life | Skinny + Chunky Dunks | Why Not | Road Trips

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

In the quest to live a simple life… you also want to do things you have never done before or in a really long time.  We live in a great Province that allows us to simply pack up the car and head north in the search for old dirt roads we have not traveled and countrysides that we have not explored.

1-LMS TINY LIFE-001Step 1: Wake up | Step 2: Go out for coffee & decide on the spot that a road-trip up north would be fun.

tumblr_n14933olzn1s6f4r5o3_500Does not matter the weather in the summer.  What it is in the morning does not mean that it’s going to be like that later on in the day.  Don’t spend the day wasted thinking you can’t go outside.  Play tunes, have some cash to stop at a little general store for ice cream.  Throw a bottle of red in the trunk.  No glasses needed since you can share sips from the bottle and throw some snacks in a mini-cooler.  Might as well bring a blanket.

1-Google Maps - Mozilla Firefox 23032014 12736 PMDrive anywhere.

1-1-IMG_2975If you see an old barn in a field and you think that you can sneak across a field to it without being seen… do it.  Bring wine and your blanket.  Hell you can even put down the blanket anywhere if your out of the way and hang out.


If you come across a place where the (x) is located on the map above… then park in the car east of the beach and walk down.  Hang out till it gets dark and just enjoy the wine till it’s pitch black.  Wear what you want… it does not matter.  Just don’t splash around too much for someone to call the OPP.  Great thing about that beach is that you can walk out so far and it’s shallow…


tumblr_mucouhQnU01qeqfrto1_500Just have fun.  It’s much better to get outside and enjoy the warm summer nights.  Laugh.  Play.  Explore.

Just get out of your comfort zone.  This summer will be fun.