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Found The Perfect Little Coffee Maker | Cafflano Klassic

Friday, June 1st, 2018


I enjoy coffee in the morning, afternoon and the evening.  Living tiny, you want to reduce the amount of appliances and also give you portable options for when you are camping.  Cafflano Klassic is the world’s first portable pour-over coffee maker making all-in-one design.  This great little option from Cafflano is affordable and its light weight ensures maximum portability, removing hassle of packing.

This is what I’ve decided to use in my Tiny House for making coffee.

It consists of coffee grinder that has a foldaway conical burr ceramic hand-mill, dripping kettle, dripper, server, etched stainless filter and tumbler, and all of those components are integrated into a single assembling unit. Wherever you are,  all you need is some whole beans measured out in advanced and bagged and some hot water you can easily boil even on a trail with a single burner lightweight camping stove… you can easily and conveniently make fresh and tasty coffee at your camp.  It is neither battery-operated nor needs electricity, but totally environment-conscious with its permanent etched stainless filter.

[Cafflano Klassic – Unique Characteristics]

• Portability – a 470g (1 lb.) single constructible unit with full functionality
• Convenience – easy to brew, no multiple brewing kit, measuring cup nor scale are required
• Economical – 1/10th cost of coffee at shops and 60% cost of existing bulky brewing kit
• Eco-friendly – no electric power, disposable filters & cup are required
• Individuality – freedom of choosing any specialty coffee

In Canada you can pick up one at MEC in Toronto.

Tiny House Coffee |Chemex 6-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffee Maker

Friday, April 22nd, 2016


  • Includes a polished wood collar with leather tie
  • Selected by the Illinois Institute of Technology as one of the 100 best designed products of modern times
  • All of the coffeemakers are measured using 5 oz. as 1 cup
  • Chemex filters are required for operation all Chemex coffee makers
  • Capacity: 30 Oz



I love coffee.  I want a simple way to make coffee for one cup or a couple.  I think the Chemex is the way to go.  It’s simple and is small for a little shelf.  Wanna come over for coffee?

Hey Santa… you can go right here and pick on up:

Outdoor Shower I Think Is The Way To Go In The Summer ;)

Sunday, March 29th, 2015


I think having a Tiny House… I need an outdoor shower for the summer.  Maybe collect some rainwater from the roof.  You can also get a tankless hot water heater that connects with a simple garden hose.  A rustic shower like this with reclaimed material would be a nice rustic touch for outdoors.  Portable camping showers using a large hanging water bag will heat up in the sun.  Perfect for a late afternoon shower before the evening to freshen up.  I guess if you are going to build it… you need to build it for two to save water.

Four Lights Tiny House Company | The Marie Colvin | I Think This Is The One For Me

Monday, May 12th, 2014


I think this is the one for me.  Just trying to do my final research on this plan.  I’m also speaking with the designer about some ideas as well as some questions about the plan.  This is the one that I see myself in.  288 sq ft.  It will have 4 separate sleeping areas.  My kids will love it.

It’s small… but I don’t need much.

1-marie colvin layout2I like the look of the front. It has a small porch by the door. I want a thick heavy door with character. I like the trim and a great window that looks like it would be in a English Cottage.

1-1-Study-Plan-MarieColvin.pdf - Adobe Reader 12052014 122225 PMLet’s do a little walk-through…

1-tiny-house-in-a-landscape1-1-Study-Plan-MarieColvin.pdf - Adobe Reader 12052014 122143 PM(Above) Looking out of that window would be a small workspace that would be my office.  I want to have a window by my desk.  Instead of the door by the closet I would have a sliding door that closes the room off.  This little room will have lots of hidden storage.  It’s not a big room so it might just be a “L” shaped desk with storage under and on top.  It would have a white board and in any open spaces on the wall would be selected personal Instagram photos as wallpaper.  It would be a combo of a “elegant man cave”.

1-tiny office-001


1-Study-Plan-MarieColvin.pdf - Adobe Reader 12052014 122135 PM.bmp

After coming inside through the front door your in the larger main purpose room.  There is a cut-out in the ceiling so height is not an issue.  I would like to raise the floor so that more storage options would be in the house.

Sort of like the floor below to give you an idea:

1-View-from-loft-Nelson-Tiny-Houses-V2-Tiny-Tour-001So you would step up into the great room.  The storage would be accessed like below:

1-Screen CapturesI could store camping gear, off season clothes, sporting equipment.  Things I don’t need everyday but I could get at when needed.

So the main room will be a gathering place to sit, entertain as well as a place to eat.  I am thinking simple.  An “L” shaped couch that would be along the top right wall and the right wall.  A “rolling” Coffee Table that the top can lift up for “dinner for one” or use with a laptop.  The Sofa below is too large in the reference picture… so a smaller one would be needed.  Just wanted to give you an idea.  It should be a sofa-bed.

1-marie colvin layout-001


Another option that I like is the Passo from Resource Furniture that would be the coffee table as well a Dining Table that is shown below:

Passo-4Second choice for a table that is incredible would be the Goliath Table that would be against the wall but could be pulled out to make a larger table for eating.  If it’s summer… I could bring the table onto the deck outside if needed.

On the left side of the Great room would be a pull down projector screen that could be pulled down so you could watch movies using the projector hanging from the ceiling.  Everyone on the sofa would be able to watch.  A laptop would be used to play DVD’s, Memory Sticks or streaming online media if I can get Wifi.

1-tiny living room1


1-Study-Plan-MarieColvin.pdf - Adobe Reader 12052014 122105 PM

Stepping down from the “Great Room” would be the kitchen that would run down the left side.  Instead of a swinging door on the bathroom would be a sliding door.  Then along the wall of the stairs to the loft would be a folding up butcher block table that would be for “Food Prep”.  (it would fold up since there would be storage shelves higher up the wall).

1-marie colvin layout3

This picture above is just to help visualize.   Since my layout is a bit different but I wanted to highlight that I would like a larger RV Fridge running on propane and use 2 portable induction cooktops.  Open shelves & rolling carts will help quick prep.  Convection Oven/Microwave for cooking.  I would also have a BBQ outside to use.

1-tiny-house-in-a-landscape-0041-marie colvin layout4Bathroom will be small.  The home will have a hot water tank for showers and the sinks.  The bathroom will be simple.  I will mostly have all my showers at the 24hr Goodlife Fitness Club… so I can also have a light daily workout.  Showers will be only for guests and my kids.  I’m going to go with the Dry Flush Toilet, which is awesome.


1-1-Study-Plan-MarieColvin.pdf - Adobe Reader 12052014 122105 PM

The lower bed would be where I would sleep.  It’s at the back of the home.  It’s a large bed.  I might raise the floor so that storage could be kept under the bed and accessed from the doorway in the kitchen.  Plywood with wheels could be used with rope handles to pull out bins underneath.

1-tiny-house-in-a-landscape-0061-Study-Plan-MarieColvin.pdf - Adobe Reader 12052014 122206 PM

This tiny house has two lofts with two staircases.  Noah & Chantal will each have their own bed for sleeping when they visit.  There will be a open hole in the upper floor for over-top the Great Room.

1-marie colvin layout5


Outdoors… I would like to make four squares that can connect to make a deck.  So it could be moved if my home has to move to a new location.

I need somewhere to sit outside along the side of the home with a foot path from the front step.  A place to BBQ or even bring out the dinning room table for a larger table.  I could put up a portable camping screened bug tent.  Have an outdoor fireplace and maybe even a little outdoor makeshift kitchen.

1-marie colvin layout6-001

Two good examples of low cost shade inspiration above.

Hell… why not add some more inspiration below and I had some money left over this would be my next project.


Now some weekend inspiration below  😉

If I can find the right place that is the perfect fit.  It would be nice to make an outdoor shower or shed to store my bike.  I vintage-airstream-tiny-house-with-deck-conversion-004-600x400don’t think the hot-tub will happen.  But you can never say never.

Comments & Questions are welcomed below…

Found The Toilet | Exciting For Me + Maybe For You | Dry Flush Toilet

Monday, May 5th, 2014

I found out about this toilet on the Tiny House Blog.  One of the issues was having a toilet in a tiny house when I’m set up off the grid.  I was thinking that a toilet is so important.  Not for me… but more for guests and my kids who will stay with me part-time.  Some people go with composting toilets, which works quiet well.  You have to look at the daily upkeep needed as well as cleaning and disposing of the contents when needed.

My lifestyle will keep me at work or out & about.  I plan on having access to a Goodlife 24hr. Fitness that will feed me with a proper shower, a light workout and use of the facilities.  I would rather hit the gym daily in the morning for a light workout, shower & shave and off to work I go.  Same for the evening.  A light workout or a fitness class then a shower.  So basically my day would allow me to generally do my business outside the tiny home.  But for guests and for people who stay overnight… I worry about their comfort inside my tiny house.


Thanks to Dry Flush, I think I have found the solution with a great idea, product and also the maintenance needed for it.  Dry Flush, doesn’t use chemicals or water. It is 100% odorless. It can go anywhere!  The disposal system takes less than a minute to empty.  It could also be taken camping.



It’s waterless, compact, runs on a battery that gives you 300 flushes before recharging.  It’s odorless without leaks and disposing of the contents is easy with nothing nasty to look at without fear of touching anything you should not be touching.  It’s perfect for a small space.  It has a normal sized seat.  You can also hook it up to Solar.

Once you have used it you just push the button and listen (maybe watch for the first couple of times you use it just to see) to the swirl of the bag inside.  Like a “diaper genie” if you have ever used one.  The device sucks the air out of the chamber and then shrink wraps the waste and seals it in the bottom of the unit.  It does not have to be vented to the outside.  When the toilet is full… you just take off the lid and there is a “garbage bag” that lines the unit (like how your kitchen garbage bag works) and the mini-pockets of treasure is at the bottom.  Those bags are not clear so you don’t have to look at anything gross.  You simply pull out the bag and tie it and put it in the garbage.

Watch the magic below:

The unit retails for $420 USD and that is much lower than some toilets on the market for about a grand.  So far… this is the best option for me and my tiny house.



Here is someone un-boxing the toilet and shows you more about it:

Tiny House | Can’t Decide On Which One? | Add Comments On What You Like

Sunday, April 6th, 2014

Minim House - 18

I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what type of tiny house I would like to build.  I have three of them that I like.  Two are similar and one is different.  I’ve been in contact with all three builders and asked them for some ideas and answers to my questions.  I’m in the process of thinking about which type of house would suit me for living alone, living with a girlfriend and also living with shared custody of my kids.  I’m now trying to visualize using plans, pictures of the three on the interweb-thing and also on YouTube.  Some… I can find… some are limited.

Struggles:  All three designs/plans are for sale.  Of the three designs… some have video tours… some have photos inside and one of them that I really like… has no real photos online or videos.  (waiting for a response from the builder to share info on other people that are in the process of building)

Here are my three designs I am considering:

Tiny House Number One:  The Marie Colvin by Four Lights Tiny Houses  (click here for the website)

1-1-Study-Plan-MarieColvin.pdf - Adobe Reader 05122013 34419 PM

1-Study-Plan-MarieColvin.pdf - Adobe Reader 05122013 34454 PM

Details: Website: Four Lights Houses | Designed by Jay Shafer | External Size: 10′ by 29 | Internal Size: 288 sq ft (not including sleeping loft) | Bedroom in the back w/ loft for the kids to sleep.  Front Nook could be an office | Great Room could have a lounge style couch w/ chaise |

Notes: Doing research online + emailed Jay to provide more details as well as any links of anyone building, blogging the Marie Colvin.  I can’t find anyone building it so I can’t show images like the other two below.  These plans were released a year ago.  Info will be added here shortly.


Tiny House Number Two:  “” Custom Built Tiny House (Tied with this one is choice 2b here)

1-tinytackhouseDetails:   | Andrew (builder) and wife live in this in the mountains with two kids that live part-time there. | Design inspiration: Modern + clean | Interior Size: 221 sq ft (not including two lofts) [ sleeping loft at top of the stairs & lounge loft/spare bed at the top of the ladder]  | Loft space is 120 sq ft w/ main loft of 80 sq ft & 40 sq ft for 2nd loft | Exterior Dimensions are 8’6″ wide by 28’6″ long | Off Grid | Cost: 22k (not including appliances & cabinets)  Cabinets & appliances you see in the photos made the final cost $33,082 built by himself |Designed using Google Sketch-up |


You can view a full tour of this tiny home below.  Recommended to give you a great idea of what it might be like and it will make you think… could I live in one and be happy?

Tiny House Number Two “B”:

1-Minim4It would be nice to take all the cool stuff in both #2a and #2b.  Click here to view more details of 2b that I like.

Another house that is like #2 is “The Minim” by Boneyard Studios.  Full pictures in this post.



Tiny House Number Three:

1-outside1Details:  Website: The Tiny Project | Exterior Size: 8′ by 20′ w/ 3 ft added w/ back porch | Interior Size: 140 sq ft | Designed by the owner & him and his girlfriend reside in California | Cost: 30k estimated | 10 windows w/ full glass doors for lots of light & passive solar gain | Full appliances w/ marine stove, on-demand hot water tank, compact washer/dryer combo | Currently plugged in via extension cord & water hose | Designed using Google Sketch-up |

1-tiny house3

1-tiny house2

My thoughts on the three above:  The Marie Colvin is my first pick.  I like the design but I want to see more images.  The second home is different in the layout and I’m trying to get my head around the difference to see which one would be better.  I like the full kitchen and the stairs up to a great size bedroom.  The third one is my third pick and it’s a bit smaller.  Just considering all three and trying to wrap my head around them and picture living there alone, with kids and maybe sharing time there with a girlfriend.

What’s your thoughts?

My ideas on living tiny:  I want to find some property that I can rent on someone’s larger lot. Ideally somewhere on Taunton Road in Ajax just west of Westney Rd, where there is a 24hr. Goodlife Fitness, Grocery Store and other services. I would plug in to an existing building like a barn or workshop and be situated behind it facing out into the countryside or forest. It would have a water hook up and an on-demand hot water tank for showers/sink.  I would want to make a tiny deck that could be designed in four pieces that can be removed if the house is relocated.  I would like to have a simple outdoor kitchen with a quality all season BBQ that will allow me to cook more outside.

Feel free to comment in this post and tell me what you like or don’t like.  Feel free to ask questions.  I will edit this post with more information on the decision process. 

Live with Less and be happy will be my theme for 2014. My kids will love it. I’m sure they will call dibs on the loft bedroom.

jsdoitHOUSE | Kitchen Planning | Cooking Tiny

Friday, January 10th, 2014


When thinking about cooking in my tiny house… there are a couple of options.  I could have something that is electric or live life “cooking with gas“.  I’m also considering making a little outdoor kitchen that would be portable and built around  I do like to cook so I would like to This Summit Professional 20″ Gas Range in stainless steel is not only luxurious looking but is slim and compact so it can fit perfectly in my small kitchen. And since it’s powered by gas I can take it off the grid.  This one is $1,000USD.  I think I would like to create a cutting board that would sit on top of the range for food prep and would anchor into the gaps so it could not move.

Summit Professional 20″ Compact & Slim Gas Range in Stainless Steel & Black (below):

1-tiny house swoon1

  • Model: TNM11027BFRWY
  • Space Saving Compact 20″ Design with Stainless Steel
  • 2.5 cu.ft. Oven Capacity
  • Viewing Window
  • Slim width
  • Sealed Burners
  • 9,000 BTU Burners
  • Electric Ignition
  • Oven Window
  • Oven Light
  • Two removable wire oven racks
  • Broiler Drawer
  • Broiler Pan
  • Stainless Steel Handles
  • Steel toe plate
  • Weight: 135 lbs
  • Exact Dimensions: 36″H X 20″W X 24″D

Outdoor Kitchen:  I would like to have a small deck that would be in four squares that could be taken apart to move and it would hold the Brinkmann Medallion 5 Burner 50,000 BTU Gas Grill (Source: Home Depot Model: 810-4580-F | Internet/Cat: 824477 | Store SKU: 1000756353) 


The outdoor kitchen would have a simple custom designed counter-top with basic storage underneath.  The counter-top would support portable cutting boards.  My Colman Stove could be added if I was going to use the flat grill on top to saute/stir-fry things or boil water for pasta or veggies.    

Table Top Cooking Solutions:  I am not sure I want to have a cook-top that would be something like the one below.  I think I would rather have a range and can use the inside to store pans & cooking utensils and have the top flat with a custom butcher block.


By having something like this above would take away from the work surface… but on the other hand free up more room underneath for storage where the oven would take up space.

Honda Element Camper Wanted | Explore + Everyday Vehicle

Saturday, January 4th, 2014

1-tiny ecamper-001Watch a video on YouTube here about it.

Would love to purchase a used Honda Element and then have the eCamper installed to make it great for camping with the kids.  Imagine using it for everyday commuting and you can easily pop the roof and sleep in the top in the Spring/Summer & Fall with proper sleeping bags.  It would be great for roadtrips anywhere or extended travel that gives you the option to save so much money by not even renting a campground for the night (or expensive lodging).  Use that money for food and adventures instead.

This company also makes one for the Jeep.

Pre-Planning Thoughts

Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

1-tiny house swoon-001

The planning process of the entire project is huge.  My mind thinks about things and storing things into my Evernote Account in folders helps.  Things I am mulling over are:

  • Making a list of everyday things needed in a home to live + spend time in.  Also consider from a Children’s point of view.
  • Thinking about things that are done in the different seasons of the year and different times of the year.  Making a list of things & items needed.
  • General ideas of the layout of the home on the inside & outside.
  • General ideas of where it will be located.
  • General ideas of how meal prep, cooking & food storage will work into the daily flow.
  • General ideas of how the bathroom will be set up, heating, plumbing and electrical + water.
  • Looking over different floor plans based on my needs and wants as well as considering the kids when they are over.
  • Storage ideas inside and outside.
  • Feedback from other Tiny House Builders & Friends.
  • Build Site
  • What will I build and what would make more sense to contract out.
  • Looking into “Sketchup” which is a free program used to plan out ideas.
  • Financing the project.
  • Sponsors + crowd-funding research.
  • Sourcing materials + tools.
  • Trailer Licensing & International/Domestic Suppliers.
  • Materials/Supplies breakdown in sections with regards to the build + funding blocks.
  • Workflow + Project/Lead Times/Timing.
  • Construction Waste
  • Outdoor Kitchen Ideas
  • Sourcing Knowledgeable Friends + Professionals
  • Draw Up or Purchase Plans

More on these shortly as well as individual points will be blogged.