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Outdoor Shower I Think Is The Way To Go In The Summer ;)

Sunday, March 29th, 2015


I think having a Tiny House… I need an outdoor shower for the summer.  Maybe collect some rainwater from the roof.  You can also get a tankless hot water heater that connects with a simple garden hose.  A rustic shower like this with reclaimed material would be a nice rustic touch for outdoors.  Portable camping showers using a large hanging water bag will heat up in the sun.  Perfect for a late afternoon shower before the evening to freshen up.  I guess if you are going to build it… you need to build it for two to save water.

Found The Toilet | Exciting For Me + Maybe For You | Dry Flush Toilet

Monday, May 5th, 2014

I found out about this toilet on the Tiny House Blog.  One of the issues was having a toilet in a tiny house when I’m set up off the grid.  I was thinking that a toilet is so important.  Not for me… but more for guests and my kids who will stay with me part-time.  Some people go with composting toilets, which works quiet well.  You have to look at the daily upkeep needed as well as cleaning and disposing of the contents when needed.

My lifestyle will keep me at work or out & about.  I plan on having access to a Goodlife 24hr. Fitness that will feed me with a proper shower, a light workout and use of the facilities.  I would rather hit the gym daily in the morning for a light workout, shower & shave and off to work I go.  Same for the evening.  A light workout or a fitness class then a shower.  So basically my day would allow me to generally do my business outside the tiny home.  But for guests and for people who stay overnight… I worry about their comfort inside my tiny house.


Thanks to Dry Flush, I think I have found the solution with a great idea, product and also the maintenance needed for it.  Dry Flush, doesn’t use chemicals or water. It is 100% odorless. It can go anywhere!  The disposal system takes less than a minute to empty.  It could also be taken camping.



It’s waterless, compact, runs on a battery that gives you 300 flushes before recharging.  It’s odorless without leaks and disposing of the contents is easy with nothing nasty to look at without fear of touching anything you should not be touching.  It’s perfect for a small space.  It has a normal sized seat.  You can also hook it up to Solar.

Once you have used it you just push the button and listen (maybe watch for the first couple of times you use it just to see) to the swirl of the bag inside.  Like a “diaper genie” if you have ever used one.  The device sucks the air out of the chamber and then shrink wraps the waste and seals it in the bottom of the unit.  It does not have to be vented to the outside.  When the toilet is full… you just take off the lid and there is a “garbage bag” that lines the unit (like how your kitchen garbage bag works) and the mini-pockets of treasure is at the bottom.  Those bags are not clear so you don’t have to look at anything gross.  You simply pull out the bag and tie it and put it in the garbage.

Watch the magic below:

The unit retails for $420 USD and that is much lower than some toilets on the market for about a grand.  So far… this is the best option for me and my tiny house.



Here is someone un-boxing the toilet and shows you more about it: