Trip To Nova Scotia | July 2016


Such a fun trip to take the kids down to Nova Scotia for a week and visit with family and explore a bit of the South Shore.  Created a little video made up of little quick video clips shot with my cracked iPod and brought into iMovie to make a little keepsake of the trip.  I will add some more images into this blog post shortly.

Pending – List3 | #26 of 101 | Go Camping with Raymond and all our kids together at a Provincial Park in Ontario

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We need to go camping as a group.  I have a two room 10 man tent that we could share and we need to book a week and head up and visit 2 Provincial Parks and experience cooking outside and trying get the kids to be more independent and be responsible.

I’ve started talking to my kids about it and where we could go.  I’ve started to talk to my Nephew about it and where we could go.  This summer we could not line it up do to his son in lacrosse.

I want to get my kids to make a campfire, cook a dinner for us, set up the tent by themselves, jump off rocks and into the water, explore the forest and go hiking and learn navigation with a compass.

We are looking for the Summer of 2016

Sunday Throwback Piktur | Yearly Blue Mountain Trip In The Summer

Never really been to Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario before heading up there when Chantal was with us.  Stayed in a cool little studio that was nice and really did not break the budget.  Chantal brought all her stuffed animals and we packed our bags and headed up for 3 days.  Swimming, walking around the shops, the trip up the mountain, Rocky Mountain Chocolate, Firehouse Grill and just having fun was a nice thing to do and we would go up every year in the summer.

I’ve never been in the winter and would love to go.

Happy Sunday!  It’s fun to go through some older pictures and post some.