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Peterborough | Graeme | The Everyday Challenge

Friday, December 27th, 2013

Today I was talking to someone about Graeme who is from Peterborough and runs the Tumblr “The Everyday Challenge


I told them I would post a link to his blog from mine.  He joined Couchsurfing and in January… we need to get a Peterborough Meetup over coffee at Nata’s one night or a beer somewhere cozy.

So in January we will get the Meetup on a night that Graeme is free from working and we can set it up.  Hell… we should invite the local Tumblr peeps also.

Anyways… check out his blog and see some of the cool stuff he has done.  Tweet out to him or message him through Tumblr.

It was nice to meet you today.  The book making website I was talking about today was and those little cards I gave you was from