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Nike HyperFuse Supreme | Orange | 2012 | Coming Back Out

Thursday, February 16th, 2017

Bought these in 2012 and played a whack outside back then and have not worn them since.  I put them away for the future.  I’m going to start wearing them again on the courts and at the gym.  Love how light they are.  Picked up size 14 for these ones.

Going to really step up my “hoops” game and get ready for the summer outdoor season.

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In Progress List3 | #72 of 101 > Get 70 Trees Planted | TenTree | Yes 10 | Spread The Love | Canadian Company | Doing The Right Thing

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

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I recently got two TenTree products.  From the label you get a little code that you can register on the website and it will show you where your 10 trees will be planted.  They were on Dragon’s Den and from that exposure has made it a great new brand on the Canadian marketplace and now it’s starting to branch out world wide.  I have posted a long video below of them on Dragon’s Den as well as a pretty cool video that explains more behind the scenes look at the founders and the company with starting this venture.  It’s pretty cool and recommend.

It’s on my list of 101 Things To Do in 1001 days… so I need a total of 70 trees.  I presently have 30 trees with 3 things purchased.  Very easy goal.

Update:  30!  10 more trees in Madagascar with a new tshirt purchased 16Mar16

Ten trees can have an incredible impact on the ecosystems they plant in. All trees planted are local species, often times in some of the harshest regions.   They use “pioneer” species to ensure survival and often plant more than ten trees per item to guarantee ten trees SURVIVE for every item sold. They aim to plant in areas that have the greatest need.

Madagascar, where mangrove forests have been devastated, leaving locals with infertile farm land and completely wiping out thriving ecosystems.

Here is the first 20 that were planted in Madagascar from my first purchase.

1-My Trees' Impact - Tree Map tentree - Google Chrome 05112014 100657 AM

At tentree, manufacturing is one of the key areas where they pursue social equity and environmental sustainability. It is a widely held belief that the garment manufacturing industry is oppressive and irresponsible. Not only do they believe that we are capable of changing this; they believe that it is their responsibility to do so.  To make a broad sweeping statement that tentree will avoid all international production is to accept that there are issues that cannot be fixed. Instead, we work to change the apparel industry through transparency, dedication, and diligence.

1-nov tumblr 20141-004I think it’s a cool brand that I want to get the kids connected with.  You can’t have enough hoodies and T’s in your rotation.

1-nov 1 2014 import

From the website you can get it at “Boathouse” locations at different malls and Sporting Life in Toronto carries the line.

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From the 2015 Fall Collection… these are the ones that have caught my eye below:

1-1_15_244 1-6_1_1991-5_2_225 1-1_15_2341-4_14_151-apr 2015 tumblr4

Shoe Porn | This List Will Grow | EKIN at heart

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

1-nikeIt started in 1987 for me.  My first pair of Nike Air Cross Trainer’s (above) that were purchased in New Hampshire.  Before that… it was Patrick Ewing all white basketball shoes that I stuck some red laces in them.  The Nike’s made me fall in love.  They were bad ass and a medium cut.  They were light and I felt I could fly.  I dunked in basketball practice at DO’C in them and the next day… I tried in gym class to dunk again and turned my ankle and was out of action for over a month on crutches.

In 1991, Karen and myself got matching Nike Huarache’s that were bright and ugly as shit.  Below the Huarache is coming back and these grey & black ones have caught my eye.

Nike-Air-Huarache-Black-Grey-White-1Those same shoes have been spun into a “woven” model that would be nice to have to wear with jeans.

1-Nike-Air-Huarache-Woven-Dark-Grey-Venom-Green-4Some other shoes that I like are listed below.  There are so many that have touched my fancy and I think I will take some time to expand this post.  I wanted to reference some of the shoes since I would love to find them and purchase them on the open market.

Nike Air Flight Squad:

Nike-Air-Flight-Squad-Flight-Jacket-1-650x357 Nike-Air-Flight-Squad-Flight-Jacket-3-e1402406855171

Adidas Y-3 Qasa:

Nike is number one and if there was someone in 2nd place would be….  nobody.  😉  I hate Rebook (are they still around?) and I did like and sport a little bit of Adidas.  These below caught my eye.

adidas-Y-3-Qasa-High-Khaki-3-620x413 adidas-Y-3-Qasa-High-Khaki-4-620x409 adidas-Y-3-Qasa-KhakiLove the earthy casual feel of them.  I need to find them.

I also love the technology in shoes.  The Nike Air Footscape Woven Motion is a cool shoe.  Nike is doing a whole bunch of wolven shoes.  Below is the Roche Run.

Nike-Roshe-Run-Woven-Cool-Grey-White-University-Gold-1It’s super light and it’s wild to think about how it’s made.  I like the Roche Run’s and I’m dying to get a pair.  Speaking of the Roche’s… here is some different types… that I’ve come across and almost pulled the trigger on.

1-nike3The boots below are sweet as hell.

1-All Tumblr 2012 to 20132


Below is the Nike Free Orbit that I want for slippers inside.  I like the dark one’s on the right.

Nike-Free-Orbit-II-Release-DateThen we get into the Jordan Brand.  My first pair that I purchased was in 2001 at the Eaton Ctr for $189.99  I purchased the Jordan 11’s and I loved them.  I kept them hidden and only took them out to play indoors only.

wale-pick-26So fucken sweet.  I still wear them and in the summer of 2012… I wore them outside for the first time.  Below is my J’s playing in the AMBA Men’s League in Ajax.

1-DSC_0024Below is the XX8 that is a love hate.  They are hidden inside and I like that.  You can unzip and play a bit and zip them up for all out ballin.

Air-Jordan-XX8-Black-Electric-Green-1-620x428Some other basketball shoes that have caught my eye is the Nike Air Flighposite, who made a return in 2014.  These shoes came out in the 90’s and started to change the look of what we see today in Nike’s Basketball lineup.

Air-Flightposite-2014-2-2_FBAir-Flightposite-2014-3-2_FB1-1-1-DSC_0134I have some hack around shoes for Streetball.  I have four pairs.  I have some basic black Nike’s below on the left below.  I won these at the Bay Street Hoops Tourney.  My Zoom’s below on the right are from 2004.  I also have some orginial Nike NDESTRUKT which are butt ugly and me and Nose bought matching pairs.  I still rock them.

1-ballI also have a pair of Jordan 13’s in “Chutney” seen below.  I have not worn these outside that much.  I’m still undecided when to wear these.  I picked these up in 1998.  I sometimes bring them out with jeans.

air-jordan-og-13-low-black-chutneyBack in 1990… I also fell in love with Nike’s ACG line (All Conditions Gear) which was more of the outdoor camping/hiking footwear.  Nike “Little Dreams” poster lined my wall in my room and I wish I could run the trails in those photos.  I have an unopened copy of the poster that I would like to frame.  Even Karen had a pair of ACG’s that she didn’t really wear… that I wish I scooped before she threw them away.

Here are some that I owned and also wanted to own:

top-25-acg-models-of-all-time-05-864x576Nike Baltoro High (1990)

Beloved of both trekkers and the occasional New Jack Swing act coordinating their footwear, the Baltoro is a classic.  The Baltoro was a breakthrough and I had a pair.  I even played basketball in them and used them in Hoop-it-Up 3on3 Tourney.

top-25-acg-models-of-all-time-11-864x576Nike Air Moc (1994)

Those spud-like looks on this design aren’t a coincidence – this shoe was built for a comfortable, warm wear at camp and the perforations were inspired by fork marks in a baked potato. The original name was the Air Ida – a play on the Ore-Ida potato company – but legal concerns led to a name change.

1-All Tumblr 20142-001I never owned a pair but I wanted them as slippers and wanted to keep them for life.  Perfect for a Tiny House 🙂

top-25-acg-models-of-all-time-17-864x576Nike Air Deschutz (1992)

Nike reinvented the Jesus sandal with this one. Preempted by a campaign that showed a hiking boot hacked apart to reveal these inside.  Sold for water sports, climbing and running outdoors, there were a ton of sequels.  I owned 3 pairs back to back.  They were my summer casual shoes.  I loved that you could walk across rivers and go swimming with them off shorelines when camping.


Nike Aqua Sock (1989)

1-nike1I still have mine and wear them now and then.  My daughter laughs at me.  Designed by Geoff Hollister, the Aqua Sock was about as simple as a shoe could get – a slip-on sock with a thin rubber outsole. That was it. (1991’s Aqua Sock Too and Aqua Sock Classic provided a little more structure.) They were meant for water sports (no, not that kind, perv) but also were an early vanguard of the minimalist movement.  Mine are blue.  5 more years and I will have had them 30 years!

Another pair on my life-to-buy list is a pair of Nike SB Janoksi’s.  They come in so many models.

1-nike2A simple skate board shoe this is great with jeans for just hacking around.


Nike Jordan Two3 (Dress Shoes):

1-Mixed Images To Sync with ipod

In 2003… I went on Ebay and purchased all 5 of these shoes.  3 out of the 5… I scored online for $24.99 USD and all were brand new.  The boots were $50 and the slippers were $40.  Starting top left was my “smoking jacket” shoes that I wore at work at my desk.  Executive slippers.  I sold them about 4 months after getting them and I wish I didn’t.  Moving along to the right at the top was the boots that I wore and they were retired.  Bottom right… I left in a box under my desk when I left CI.  They were size 14 and no idea if someone took them.  Bottom middle was my main Jordan dress shoe and they had a little air bubble in them.  I wore them into the ground.  Last is a pair I still have and that’s on the bottom left.  I wear them at the moment and I’m looking to get a nice new pair of brown shoes.


I’m going to add to this post.  I have so many other pairs to list.

Nike | Roche Run Sneakerboots | Wishlist

Monday, January 13th, 2014

“Shoe Porn” for a EKIN


Honestly… I would not wear these in winter.  Maybe not outside on wet days.  The ones above are my fave.  Down with jeans is second.  I would never kick them out of my closet no matter what style they are.

1-feb tumblr 20131 1-feb tumblr 20132 1-feb tumblr 20133