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Spotify | Playlists | The Standard Morning + Afternoon Playlists

Wednesday, May 10th, 2017


You can find me here.

Downloading the MAC or WINDOWS desktop version is sweet.  Easy to listen to music when you are on the computer at home working and surfing.  Spotify is free.  Other blog posts with posts featuring some playlists can be found here.

Here is the introduction to some of my playlists.

Morning Mixes:

6AM Vibe:  Consists of the quiet peaceful songs of the morning when you don’t want to talk and maybe lie in bed a bit till you have to get up.  These songs is a smaller cross section of what I’m currently listening to when I first get up.

8AM Vibe:  Ok coffee is made and I’m puttering and the songs are still quiet but they have an ever so lightly kick to them.  It’s safe to talk since the coffee is poured.  If you dig this mix you can follow it on Spotify.  Feel free to drop me a line if you fall in love with an Artist or a song.

Afternoon Mixes:

12PM Vibe:  Ok time to get shit done a little.  Windows are open and these songs are faster and perfect for the start of the midday.  These smaller vibe playlists is more of my current mix that is tighter.  You can also steam the radio version of the Afternoon mixes that is over 10 hours of music.  More like putting on the radio and hitting shuffle is a must.  You can find that on my spotify playlists.


On my profile… I have over 40 different playlists.  Find me… follow me or just follow some playlists you want to add into your profile so you have access to them.




Spotify | Explore | Music To Clear Your Head

Monday, April 10th, 2017


Here is a playlist for exploring when you want to clear your head or go for a long walk at night.


explore, hike, when there is fog, bedtime, drift, dream, hope, remember the past and be thankful.


Spotify | Playlists | Moods

Monday, October 10th, 2016


LMS Spotify Playlists | Vibes | Chill | Play

Below are some playlists for making dinner, sitting on a back deck with drinks and lighting candles for a little lay down.

Making Dinner | Dim The Lights | Light Candles:

Let’s Fly Away | Music that makes you want to escape to Italy and lie on a bed:

tumblr new1-001

Nakedy Slow O’s | In the dark | Take you time | Take it all in:  A perfect short mix of songs that are slow and moody.  You need a paid subscription so you can listen to it in the order of the songs.  If you don’t have a paid subscription you won’t be able to shuffle it since Spotify will add in other songs to make a playlist.  Ry X is crazy sensual to just devour someone.



Below is the Lie With Me: Afternoon Nap playlist with a good selection of songs for a 3hr nap together:


Spotify | Let’s Have Drinks | Chillout w/Beats | Cottage | Summer Evenings

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016


Here is some playlists that have some beats, chillout vibes for summer drinks at the cottage, back deck in the daytime or the evening.

Evening Summer Chillout w/ a woman:

Daytime Summer Chillout at the Cottage (over 6 hours):

Hippity Hop | Urban Chill/Rap for the summer:

LMS | Evening Twilight Making Dinner Mix:

Spotify Playlist | Let’s Go For A Drive | Summertime

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016



Roadtrips to me is all about rock.  Songs that dig deep and you get excited listening to them.  I have two volumes and the first one is mostly The Rural Alberta Advantage which is super sweet mixed in with some other fast faves.  Enjoy.  Don’t forget to bring the little wire to plug your phone with Spotify and make sure you download it into the app so you don’t need wifi.

Don’t forget to hit shuffle!

Vol 1:

Vol 2: