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Two On Two | Fall Outdoor Hoops

Thursday, October 2nd, 2014


Ball season outside is coming to a close.  Last night the dew on the court made it slippery by around 7:30.  Played for a hour.  When I got there… we played some two on two.  I wish I was playing indoors in a league.  With work and my schedule being all over the place… I can’t join a men’s league.  Hopefully I can find some good runs at the YMCA or over at Flemming at the Rec Ctr.

Two on Two | Simcoe & Bethune Courts in Peterborough Ontario from Speed on Vimeo.

Thankful | Friendships | Helping Hand When I’m Down

Friday, August 29th, 2014


You guided me to Peterborough.  You helped me in so many ways.  You let me stay with you.  You have gone out of your way.  I turned to you when I felt I didn’t have someone to turn to sometimes.  You were someone that I could talk to and discuss many things going on in my world and my past.

I was glad that I was there for you when you needed help and someone to lean on.  I will always be there for you if you ever need help.

1-shell1Appreciated the hikes, countless cups of coffee, greasy breakfasts, little roadtrips to Warkworth.  You introduced me to some great people that are now a part of my life.  I’m grateful for that.


Your dogs are beautiful and Ginger is a sweet soul that loves to lay at my feet.  Poor Ginger to share her house with another dog… but Sophie is cute.  (a little)

1-shell3You also helped me with my kids.  You opened up your home to them and they have great memories of being up here in a new City.  You have done so much for me to help me see my kids as much as I can.  I appreciate that so much.


So if you are ever going to make something really yummy… you know who to email… and I will be right over to take a picture of it before we eat it!


I’m still in town and always not far away.  Thank you for being a friend.  When it’s not needed and more importantly… when I really needed a friend… I could always count on you.  Looking forward to more coffee together + little road trips, movies, outdoor summer concerts in Peterborough and drinks outside on a patio somewhere that we should start as a tradition.

Peterborough Folk Festival | Evening Of Music | Sweet Night

Sunday, August 24th, 2014

1-ipod temp

I had a nice time at at the Folk Fest last night.  I really enjoyed Evening Hymns who was on the stage just after I arrived.  I also enjoyed the Great Lake Swimmers… but this band caught my ears.


I’ve loved “Arrows” and I’ve used them on a mixtape.  Jonas is the main songwriter and he is from Orono.  The group was founded in 2007 and has some of it’s members that play in other bands like Burning Hell and The Wooden Sky.  They played some new material that they just mastered and will release soon.  I’m looking forward to following this band… and I hope to find them soon at a little intimate local venue up here or in Toronto.


Two On Two | Simcoe & Bethune Courts

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014


Aug 20th: Played ball for 4 hours last night.  I had the chance to play about 4 games of full court and then two long sessions of “52” that I came out mostly on top.  That switched to 1 on 1… where I was handed about 4 straight losses.  Some games were close like 11-7… but some where bad.  My partner is way better at me and being 19 years old and can drive and shoot… made my work guarding him tough.

Some clips of the full court games are below.  The camera didn’t capture the action at the other end of the court so I just put some buckets together.  I missed about 5 good looks…. but to post that would be boring.

Night Ball At The Basketball Courts | Peterborough | Simcoe & Bethune from Speed on Vimeo.


Aug 12:  Played ball last night and played for about 3 hours.  Played full for the most part.  When people started to go home… I picked up a little two on two game.  I was exhausted.  I just wanted to let my partner score.  It’s a boring little video… but it was nice to hit the courts.

A little game of hide & seek below:

Playing Hide & Seek During Basketball | Where Did He Go? from Speed on Vimeo.

Short Winter Hike | Trent Trails | Peterborough

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

1-20140306-DSC_0020 1-20140306-DSC_0032-003 1-20140306-DSC_0043 2-20140306-DSC_0021 2-20140306-DSC_0064 3-20140306-DSC_0024 3-20140306-DSC_0068 4-20140306-DSC_0025 4-20140306-DSC_0074 5-20140306-DSC_0054 6-20140306-DSC_0069

Went for a short hike today.  Had the day off.  It was nice to get out.  I really need to get out more.  No excuses.  Beautiful day with the sun and trees.

Chasing The Cheese Challenge | Please Pick Me Three Kinds To Make Yummy Grilled Cheese!

Sunday, February 9th, 2014


On Saturday after having grilled cheese for breakfast at the Planet Bakery.  I went into the cheese shop next door called “Chasing The Cheese“.  I didn’t catch her name but this wonderful lady served me.  I asked her to pick out three cheeses that is enough for 3 grilled cheese that I wanted to make at home using a fresh loaf of bread bought at the Planet Bakery.  I told her not to tell me which ones and that I will look at the sticker after I eat them.

She liked the idea and thought about two selections and asked Julie the owner for the 3rd one.  I was excited and paid for my purchases and went home.  When it was time to get it going the three cheeses were opened and numbered and I made them one by one and tried each one.  I rated each one and after it was over… I looked at the labels to see what each one was.

1-Epic Grilled Cheese LR

I was told that I needed to add Roasted Red Peppers with one of them and Sauteed Onions to the other.  I forgot to purchase a nice Salami for the 3rd one.  The wonderful lady who served me wrote on the packages which ones I would add the extras.

1-Epic Grilled Cheese LR1images

Grilled Cheese #1:  Cheese = Zacharie Cloutier | Quebec | w/ Roasted Red Peppers

1-20140209-DSC_00121-Epic Grilled Cheese LR2-004This one was yummy.  It was the first one of three so it was hard to judge it since I was wondering where the other two would stack up.  It was nice with the roasted red peppers inside.  Beautiful cheese.


Grilled Cheese #2:  Cheese = Gruyere de Grotte | Switzerland | w/ Caramelized Onions

1-Epic Grilled Cheese LR31-20140209-DSC_0020-002

This was was the best grilled cheese I have ever eaten.  It was like eating French Onion Soup in your hand.  It was so good.  Clearly the winner of the day.  Fuck this was good!  Highly recommended.


Grilled Cheese #3:  Cheese = Brebirouse D’Argental | France | Salami suggested and forgotten.

1-Epic Grilled Cheese LR4This one was my third pick.  This cheese was so creamy… I used a knife to spread it like butter.  This one was a stronger cheese in your mouth and after.  I would love to try it again with the salami and see what that would be like since that was recommended to me.


Thanks to the two super helpful ladies of Chasing The Cheese on Water St.  I will be back.  I love grilled cheese and it’s awesome to go out and try some new ways to enjoy such a classic lunch that has span over my lifetime.