Euro2019 Trip | Leg Two | Exploring Part II | Prague, Czech Republic

Day 4: July 31st | Fourth Full Day In Prague

We checked out of where we are staying and checked-in to the Prague Pure White Hotel located along the route of Tram 22 and 3 subway stops from downtown.  100CAD per night.  Really nice posh hotel that is very clean, quiet and comfortable.  We also picked up Vodafone SIM card that we picked up for 40CAD that gave us 3GB of data within Europe.  So much better than getting a Canadian Europe plan added to our cell phones.

Explored a different part of the city and wandered and always stopped for snacks.

Charles Bridge in the Day looking out of the Bridges West Tower and Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral in the background top right shown below.

The other night we were out till 3AM since we decided to take Tram 22 across the city (9PM) to the end and take it back into the city and walk along the Royal Route backwards and across Charles Bridge.  Tram 22 is the best tram to get a feel for the city…. so off we went.

(Below) Walking along the Charles Bridge at night.  We had to stop and rub the popular statue of St. John Nepomuk who was ordered to be killed by King Charles after he would not tell him what his wife said in confession.  So he was thrown off the bridge to die and there is a statue of him where people rub for good luck and makes them come back to Prague.  Tradition is that you need to use your left hand and use every finger touching him lying down.  Some people do it wrong rubbing the dog or King Charles.  It’s crazy to think about how many people have touched this in all the years of the bridge.

So where does getting back to the room at 3AM come from.  It was midnight and we wanted to take a night route bus back to the hotel.  I forget the number but when the bus came by we got on it.  Trouble is it was going the other way and out of the city.  The entire loop took 3 hours.

So tonight it will be a early night with a late night spontaneous Kabab run close by the Pure White Hotel for a late night snack.

Last Day in Prague

We took Tram 22 across the city and got off at Prague Castle and walked around the grounds at this incredible palace.  Let’s call it a complex since it’s huge and built in the 9th century.  It’s the official office of the President.  It ranks as the largest ancient castle in the world.  It’s the most visited place in Prague and it’s hard not to notice sticking out at the top of the skyline with it perched up on a hill.

After hitting up St. Vitus we got stuck in a little downpour and found shelter under a overhang with 48 people huddled around us.  It wasn’t that long.  After that we wandered through the Palace’s grounds and stumbled upon Lobkowicz Palace Cafe with a Terrace overlooking the city.

So we each got a drink and waited out the rain that was to clear in the next 30 minutes.

We snapped lots of photos and pano’s of the city.  After the rain we wandered down to the Charles Bridge before finding cover under it.  We bought poncho’s and walked to the Subway and took a the metro to

Below is Noah killing it over his little sister at the Museum of Senses which was awesome.

With the last night in Prague… Noah wanted to pay for a uber to take us back to City Hall for one last ride in the Elevators of Death.  While getting off the elevator he dropped his phone down the shaft.  The place is closing in about a hour.  Nobody is around.  Nobody speaks english.  I went up to the security guard and tried to explain what happened.  He understood and told us to come back in a hour when the place is closing.  Noah was gutted.  When we went back there was a different guard and he didn’t understand any english.  I typed it out in Google Translate and let him listen to it 6 times and he handed me his phone.  When we were gone they must have went into the basement to grab it.  Noah was so happy and we made him pay for a uber back to the hotel.  We were kind of exhausted from our first couple of days in Prague and not sleeping that well with the JetLag.

Next up is a early morning train ride into Germany to visit Tropical Islands.