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New Moo Cards | 2019 Edition

Sunday, February 10th, 2019

Just ordered some new “Me” cards from Moo.  These one’s are square and I ordered a little case to fit them in.  My last set was ordered in 2014.  You can see my last 3 sets here.  This year’s cards have my JSDOIT logo on the front and this year I went with the square kind and also got the LUXE version so they are super thick and can’t bend.  I picked up a little case that fans to get them out easy.

I like these little cards since you come across people and you can easily give one out to connect or set up something in the future.  Puts the ball in their court.  It’s always nice to meet new people and it’s also helpful when you travel and meet up on the other side of the world.

Love | Letterhead

Monday, May 5th, 2014

I love using for all my business cards, stickers and postcards.  They offer letterhead now and I just love it.  Had to share.

1-20140123-DSC_0085-001I use the Mini-Cards for my photography above and I use the regular business cards for my “Me Cards” (below) that makes it easy to pass out to people that I come across in life and I want to connect with.


They just introduced letterhead and it’s awesome.  Great for handwritten notes that add a little bit of style.  What I love is you can upload different designs so you will get different sheets with different designs to use for different things.

MOO Letterhead is customizable like all MOO products, which means full color upload on both sides (at no extra cost) and Printfinity; a different image on every sheet in a pack. It’s a great way to get noticed too – you can put special offers on the back, a product portfolio, or even just a variety of designs in your brand colors.  Great for business or personal.

If you don’t have your own logo or imagery, that’s fine – you can choose from a range of exclusive designs and templates. They’ve been created to complement matching designs across our print products, giving you the perfect professional package. So no matter how you choose to personalize your designs with MOO Letterhead, you’re sure to make an impact more than just words.

I like that you can use a simple design on the back or if you want to be creative you could make a collage of images for the back.  (mind is racing)

Just wanted to share.  Check out and they are highly recommended.  Great service and product at a great price.  Watch for promo’s and also new customers get a discount usually so you can try them.

cards | me cards… not business cards… more like casual cards…

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

When my life changed… I bought a domain for $10 to give me a new email address.  Then over time… I created this blog.  It’s really for me.  It’s a journal.  I also ordered 50 cards from and they are below…

jsdoit 3

I had them before my phone.  I only gave them out when I met someone new or a old friend that I bumped into or met for coffee.  I wanted to give them something so it might keep the connection going and start a conversation back and forth.  I stuck a pictures I downloaded from Tumblr on the front and a really old selfie on the back.   I have one left as a keepsake.  49 people have them out there somewhere.  Still no idea who looks at this blog outside of some really close people I know.

Since it’s a new year… I thought of having some new ones.  I’ve wandered around sometimes with my camera and taken pictures of people and passed them my old one and said…  “hey… email me and tell me your the couple on Hunter Street and I will then email them the shot I took of you for free”.

Below are the new cards from that came…  For $20 for 50… you can’t beat that.

I just picked some images from the past year from instagram and peppered the cover with them…  some of me… my kids or things I like or just memories…  the back has a selfie and some details…



they are not business cards… they are “casual cards”…   LOL I’m a geek


Here is my Moo cards that I made in 2014.

Front + Back