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the way her skin tastes and her delicious soft curves

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016


 you have no idea.  maybe you do a little

you don’t see yourself like i see you.  you are strong.  you are soft.  you are incredible.

you are sensual as fuck.

you don’t know how much i soak up the smell of your skin and take my time to burn you into my head.


so many times i looked at you and wanted to photograph you so you could see yourself the way i see you.

to have you lying there open to me and you allow me to have you so many ways and you feel comfortable in your skin and your mouth is open waiting to be kissed.

lucky lucky lucky man i am to have had a woman with a desire to be kissed and teased.

to lie at your thighs where my chin rests…  only to linger longer and soak up your bliss and glow is such a crazy memory that makes me pause and smile how lucky i am/was.

to see you lying there waiting to be devoured …

the anticipation.

my mouth watered and my hands were ready.

you have no idea.


















[ maybe a little ]

Damien Rice | Volcano |

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015


i like to document things and moments in my life.  today is one of those days.  damien rice haunts my ears.  the end of the song with him and lisa kills me.  love.  life has bitter sweet moments.  always appreciate things you have… no matter how small.

for now… LMS is gone.  LMS is not one person and will always be the present or the future and also the past.  i think in life you always have to look for little miss sweetness.  she is out there.  you can always dream of who she is and how you can find her.  you can always look back at her and all the little wonderful things that she was in your life no matter how small or big.

Novo Amor & Ed Tullett | Cottage Thoughts | Fall Afternoons + Dark Nights

Tuesday, April 28th, 2015


Spend a morning in bed with her and listen to the rain fall on the window up north with grooves from Novo Amor, Ry X and Bon Iver.  The wind through the trees and the soft sheets on the cottage bed.  Time does not matter.  Enjoy her and take your time with her.  The entire day is ahead of you.  Coffee is ahead followed by breakfast on the front porch looking out through all the windows at the lake and listening to the dock underneath the sounds of the Sunday Morning playlist.




But lying in bed listening to Novo Amor is pure sweetness.  In the morning, afternoon or when it gets dark early.


(and yes i miss her.  she is wonderful to miss and it’s nice to remember so many wonderful moments with her)



Such a beautiful songs that makes my mind wander.  Novo Amor is one of those artists.  Love.  It brings me calm inside and also let’s my mind wander of dim nights with the ipod playing on the night stand docking station.  Below is a collection of a couple of songs.  Highly recommended when you need some “peace” in your life or lie with that special someone.  I would download them and add them to a playlist mixed in with some Bon Iver and a little Ry X.

(I’ve created a playlist of some sweet songs here that you can stream on YouTube and I will add to this playlist when I find new songs that fit the mix.  Right now there is 28 songs.)

Ry X | Pure Nakedy Music In My Mind | Lie In Bed Music

Thursday, March 26th, 2015


Ry X is pure lust.  pure lie down on top of the covers type of music on a hot summer’s day or evening.  it’s calm.  soothing.  magical.

people also need countdowns.  countdowns are fun.  i would suggest to have a countdown screensaver and find an exact moment to countdown.  try and work out the exact moment you will enter her house and where you will find her inside.

i found a little gem on youtube and i ripped it.  i ripped it to bring me back to so many sweet sweet sweet moments in my head from visits with LMS.  it makes me smile.  smirk.  it makes me forget what i’m doing.


blindfold someone and kiss them to it.  make them a fan of it also.

then repeat.  make it a magical hour.  I will add an album cover and make a “Lie With LMS” mixtape with handpicked songs.

everyone needs to be teased.  what you can’t see you will use your other senses to see and feel things.  just sayin.

Breakfast w/ LMS

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015

1-ipod temp import mar 11 20153

late night

sleep in



smell of the coffee grinder


sunday morning mixtape

pan of goodness


Rules Of A Gentleman | The Front + The Back | Tips To Find + Keep A Woman

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015


I wanted to post something I came across about 3 years ago.

I noticed a post on Tumblr that someone posted.  It listed the “Rules Of A Gentleman” on the front and it also listed it on the back some other ones.  I re-blogged it on my Tumblr (HERE I remember posting it on my tumblr and wishing that nobody that knew me would read them.

The rules on the back were a little different than the front.  (read them if you want) I did not write them I just noticed it on Tumblr and wanted to reblog it.

My comments after reading the rules on the back were:  “I think if all men would follow the front first… you will attract the right women for you and if you follow the back of the card… life will be good and exciting and worth waiting for the next day and night.”

Everyone should have them inside a double sided frame hanging on your bathroom wall so that you can flip over and read the back if you know it exists and be reminded.  I have a double sided frame. 😉