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Twenty Eight Feet | Explore | Find Yourself | Life On A Wooden Boat

Saturday, October 7th, 2017

Love watching great photography and great little shorts.  David Welsford let go of most of his belongings, bought a sailboat and started living in it adventurously while traveling the world with it. “For me more important than having a big house is having a space that makes me feel good,” says David.

He basically stumbled upon a old boat and talked to the owner about restoring it and bringing it back to life.

It’s a 28′ sailboat that’s around 50 years old that he restored himself. He takes soap showers on the boat and jumps into the salt water to rinse off.  Lizzy Belle is an H28 class Ketch rigged sailboat designed by L. Francis Herreshoff.  H28’s were first built in 1942 and have since become one of the most circumnavigated sailboats in their class.  Lizzy Belle was built in Chester, Nova Scotia by Chester Boatwork’s in 1968 and named after the wife of the original owner Elizabeth Belle.  In the winter of 2012 the first chapter of his adventure became a reality as Lizzy Belle and her crew sailed the blue waters of the Caribbean.

Minimalism | A Documentary + Toronto Viewing w/ some foods beforehand

Friday, March 11th, 2016


How might your life be better with less? “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things,” a feature-length documentary from the popular simple-living duo The Minimalists, examines the many flavors of minimalism by taking the audience inside the lives of minimalists from various walks of life. From minimalist architects, designers, and musicians, to businessmen, authors, and minimalist families, this film explores various recipes for how to live a more meaningful, deliberate life. Not a perfect life, not an easy life—a simple life.

This Documentary will be shown for a night in Toronto on June 1st, 2016 and you can get tickets here for $15 bones and maybe a little dinner at Insomnia Restaurant on Bloor before hand.


The Film is at 8:30pm and I think I know what to order already at Insomnia and will be at the restaurant by 6:30pm.

I will have a good time if it’s even myself since I’m a minimalist 😉 and it’s open to anyone to get tickets and meet up for some food or a drink beforehand.

Jay Austin’s Beautiful Illegal Tiny House | Boneyard Studios

Monday, February 15th, 2016


I hope cities start to rethink bi-laws to help people and also gain new people within their communites and get more tax-payers that will help the economy and the community.  Some cities are starting to come around and change the laws.  More will follow.

Own Less, Live More: 700 Sq. Ft. Small House of Freedom | Tiny Living

Friday, January 24th, 2014

KLand sent me this article.  Just wanted to share.  The link to the full article is at the bottom.


When it comes to small houses planning and design really counts.

This couple began creating ideas for their future “perfect” home early in their marriage.

They wanted a home that was big enough for just the two of them (and their dogs).

This way they’d have more time and money for their personal interests.

own less live more 704 sq ft of freedom aaron leitz 004 Own Less, Live More: 700 Sq. Ft. Small House of Freedom

Aaron Leitz for the NY Times

See more of Lily Copenagle and Jamie Kennel’s small house below. They’re the couple behind this 700 sq. ft. house of freedom.


And the home is environmentally friendly, too. They use a rainwater system to reuse water and hydrate their plants. They also have a 550-gallon rain barrel on the property.

Cleaning is a breeze since you can plug the vacuum in at one spot and reach the entire house from there.

own less live more 704 sq ft of freedom aaron leitz 001 Own Less, Live More: 700 Sq. Ft. Small House of Freedom

Aaron Leitz for the NY Times

It’s a one room design with a curtain for privacy to enclose the bedroom when desired. The home was completed in 2012 with costs of about $135,000 to build (including labor and materials).

A Rais wood stove that swivels is what keeps the place warm.

They were also able to include an office area for the both of them.

Along with book shelves throughout to store their collection of literature.

own less live more 704 sq ft of freedom aaron leitz 002 Own Less, Live More: 700 Sq. Ft. Small House of Freedom

Aaron Leitz for the NY Times

Another one of their smart design moves was putting the washer and dryer in their clothes closet so that doing laundry is quick, easy and painless.

Genius, I say.

own less live more 704 sq ft of freedom aaron leitz 003 Own Less, Live More: 700 Sq. Ft. Small House of Freedom

Aaron Leitz for the NY Times

If you head out back on the property you’ll also notice two storage sheds with living roofs.

One of the sheds is like a workshop with tools, bench and garden supplies while the other holds their recreational stuff like their kayak and other outdoor gear.

And  yes, they actually have the spare time to use this stuff thanks to their less demanding home.

“There’s so much personal freedom in going smaller,” says Mr. Kennel in the article at the NY Times.

Read the original article here.

See more by taking a complete photo tour of their 700 sq. ft. home here (click on View Slide Show when you get there).


Tiny Homes | Inspiring | Lego Apartments + Storage Container Houses

Monday, July 8th, 2013


 Below is some other inspiring videos and I just find it interesting to see how people change the way the look at things and the space we think we need and all the items we fill our lives with.

I find these videos inspiring and makes me wonder what it would be like to think different and live different.

Do You IFTTT? | If This Then That…

Friday, July 5th, 2013


A new friend in LA asked me what IFTTT is.  I find it hard to explain.

What do I use IFTTT for?  Here is some recipes in my channels:

– I can select certain people on instragram so when they add a picture… I get a email that has the picture inside to view.   Since I follow many people on instagram… I can never miss a shot from key people.  Like my daughter.

– If I “like” something on tumblr… it will automatically go in a folder in my Evernote account.

– In Game News on the Blue Jays is automatically emailed to me from ESPN.  3rd, 6th and 9th inning updates on the score.

– All Buzzfeed topics on Food & Drink and Sports is emailed to me…. so I can open only what looks interesting instead of checking Buzzfeed.

– If I send a email to IFTTT that is in my contacts… my phone will ring about 2 min’s later with a fake call so I can excuse myself from something.

– Set up reminders that are weekly and daily so it generates a email that I can keep in my inbox till completed and simply not dismiss a pop-up and forget to do it.

– I set up through the Weather Network to email me the day before it’s scheduled to rain and snow.  Saves me from looking at the weather.

– Every photo that my daughter posts on Instagram gets saved in a folder in my Evernote.

– Every photo I upload to Facebook, Status Update will automatically go to my Evernote.

– Every blog post I write gets saved to my Evernote account from blogger and WordPress that covers all my blogs.

– Every photo that I take on Instagram gets saved inside my Dropbox.  Every photo I take with my phone gets in general gets sent to my Dropbox.

– Every video that I “like” on Vimeo or click “Watch Later” gets sent to my Evernote account.

– Every video that I click “watch later” gets added to my Evernote Account.

– Every post I put on my main Tumblr… get’s sent to my Evernote Account for back-up.


I have many other tasks set up so when things happen online… it will feed other things or send alerts via email/text.  Play around with it and as the service develops… it will get better and better.