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Saturday, August 10th, 2013


LMS Spotify Playlists | Vibes | Chill | Play

Below are some playlists for making dinner, sitting on a back deck with drinks and lighting candles for a little lay down.

Making Dinner | Dim The Lights | Light Candles:

Let’s Fly Away | Music that makes you want to escape to Italy and lie on a bed:

tumblr new1-001

Nakedy Slow O’s | In the dark | Take you time | Take it all in:  A perfect short mix of songs that are slow and moody.  You need a paid subscription so you can listen to it in the order of the songs.  If you don’t have a paid subscription you won’t be able to shuffle it since Spotify will add in other songs to make a playlist.  Ry X is crazy sensual to just devour someone.



Below is the Lie With Me: Afternoon Nap playlist with a good selection of songs for a 3hr nap together:


The Kiss | All Are Different + Some Are Unique

Friday, June 14th, 2013


kissing is underrated and powerful…  this GIF is one of my fave’s.  Many kiss pictures on tumblr.  Some of my fave’s are below:

2013-04-23 18.15.17

(Above) I think no matter where you are there is times that you can just forget the world and kiss.

2013-04-23 18.17.43(Above) Just love how he holds her and she holds him back.

tumblr_m76zqdiqM21qlff1bo1_500(above) I have always loved this one when I see it on my dash.

tumblr_mntu2sNiDB1s5rry1o1_400(above) love this one.  there is another one in a restaurant that I love but have not seen it in a while.

tumblr_md43941V7l1rc74gmo1_500(above) dinner at home.  why the hell not.  also… it’s better to sit right beside someone than across someone.

tumblr_mn7l8kyP1m1sqg5mvo1_400(above)  Another classic.  love this kiss.