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The Pacific Coast Trail

Saturday, July 1st, 2017

i honestly don’t know if i could complete such a journey.  i could not imagine what it would be like to complete this.

This is not a beautiful hiking video | A Pacific Crest Trail Thru-Hike from Peter H on Vimeo.

“This is not a beautiful hiking video. It’s more about heat, pain, hunger, mountains, lakes, sweat, dirt, freedom, and friendship. Actually, it’s about walking. A long distance. For a long time.”

Watch Peter’s journey on the PCT above.

Below watch a great little 40min doc.  It’s inspiring.  I could not imagine hiking it in 4-6 months and push yourself.  I would love to have the chance to hike it with my kids but realistically that is almost impossible.  How someone pushes hard and then over time gains more mental and physical strength to complete such a journey.

Tobermory | The Bruce Peninsula | #99 of 101 | Hike the Bruce Trail w/ the kids

Sunday, March 19th, 2017


Tobermory, Ontario


Stormhaven and High Dump are the two backcountry camping areas in Bruce Peninsula National Park. Located along the Bruce Trail on the scenic Georgian Bay shoreline, they offer a tranquil camping experience in a beautiful and remote setting.  It would be great to hike into the campsite and set up camp for a night and set off the next day for the next campsite.  To spend an extra day exploring the caves and swimming and exploring the Grotto, Overhang Point and Flowerpot Island.  After the adventure it would be nice to take the Chi-Cheermaun over to Manitoulin Island.

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I’ve always wanted to explore this part of Ontario and I’ve never been north of Blue Mountain before.  I think the kids would love it since we will have to carry our gear so we will pack light and be creative with our food.

Already starting a Notebook in Evernote with gear needed and ideas and resources.




The Vietnam Notebook | 2012 | Film By Casey Neistat

Monday, November 28th, 2016



A couple of weeks ago… Casey wanted to finish putting together a little movie about a trip he took with his son in 2012.  Love the journal he kept as they travelled documenting things with photos, video and paper with a mini-scrapbook.


Documenting with life and with kids.

As you might have heard… Casey is stopping his daily vlog a short time ago. He just sold his app Beme to CNN for 25 mil and will be starting up a separate media company for CNN next year announced today.  I’ve enjoyed just how creative his is with his eye for the angles and edits.  I’m looking forward to the little videos he produces.

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See Things Different | Stop and Focus | Look | Embrace The City

Monday, April 27th, 2015

taken tumblr


this makes me want to go more and more to big cities to explore and walk and discover and film and shoot it from my perspective.

MOMENTS // NEW YORK CITY from Tim Sessler on Vimeo.

Van Life | Exploring | Open Road For One Month… Imagine

Friday, September 12th, 2014

tumblr_n3wtbeYwAY1sr3eb2o1_500Cool little short:

Rayban Envision Series – Cyrus from ChapelOne on Vimeo.


I’m in love with the sleeper he made for the top of this.  I could honestly go away for a month and drive along the coast from Alaska all the way down to Mexico really slow.  Sometimes my mind wanders and its easy to think what it would be like for a bit to just explore.

Westfalia Campervan | Nomadic Home |Santa Barbara

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014